From Jack Reed <[email protected]>
Subject Irresponsible
Date October 13, 2020 10:31 PM
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Over the last week, the president of the United States threw COVID-19 relief
negotiations into chaos by calling for the end of bipartisan talks until
after the election, and then he changed his mind again.

There is a pandemic, unemployment rates today are on par with those at the
height of the Bush recession, and the president only exemplifies weakness and
indecision, not leadership.

I said back in March that another COVID-19 relief bill would be needed, but
since then President Trump and Majority Leader McConnell have done nothing to
help American families who desperately need relief. They have failed to contain
the spread of COVID-19, and now they are failing to help Americans weather the
economic fallout.

Add your name to demand the president and Mitch McConnell put people over politics
and provide relief to struggling Americans during this pandemic.

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Americans widely support prioritizing COVID-19 relief, but President Trump and
Mitch McConnell would rather ram through a nominee to
pack the Supreme Court. Instead of helping their fellow citizens, they are
trying to rip away health care from millions of Americans during a pandemic.

The president is being irresponsible. His constant tweeting
continues to make the situation even more volatile. Americans need stability,
and they need relief.

Sign on today to demand comprehensive COVID-19 relief for all Americans.

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Thank you and be well,
Jack Reed

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