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Early voting is now open, and we need your vote.


Only National has the plan to get New Zealand and Wellington Central out of this economic and jobs crisis.

I love Wellington and I want to see it thrive. I’m seeking your vote so I can help deliver the future this city deserves. Early voting is open, so head to your nearest voting booth and give both of your votes to National!

Watch this video to hear my commitments to Wellington.


I’d love you to join me for our election night party, you can see the details and register here.


Best wishes,

Nicola Willis  

Our plan


Our plan will stimulate the economy and create jobs in the places where they are needed most. Our Wellington infrastructure plan will create jobs in our region, as well as easing congestion and supporting the new housing development that our city desperately needs. 

National will:

Double the Tunnel: Start work on a second Mt Vic Tunnel by 2023 & double-lane Ruahine St and Wellington Rd 

Bust congestion at the Basin Reserve 

Better buses: Bus rapid transit from the Railway Station to the Airport and bus priority measures across the city 

Second Terrace Tunnel 

Undergrounding SH1 through Te Aro 



National’s economic plan includes a package of temporary tax reductions, putting an extra $3000 in the back pockets of an average earner and delivering an additional $560 to a single superannuitant. This package will stimulate our local economy at a time when it needs it most. 

National’s economic plan charts a path back to surplus, paying down debt sooner while increasing investment every year in public health and education services. National will support the creation of new jobs through job-friendly policies and a $10,000 JobStart payment for businesses hiring new workers. 


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