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Friend --

I’ll get straight to the point, the President is trying to use the Supreme Court to rig the election and it’s up to us to stop him.

Senator’s Harris and Feinstein are both on the Judiciary committee, and Speaker Pelosi has the ability to take up, amend, and send back legislation to the Senate that would take priority over the confirmation process. This makes our voice as Californians incredibly important.

If Democrats use every procedural tool at their disposal we have a shot at stalling this nomination until after confirmation - but we need to keep pressure up on them to do it! 

Take one minute to email and call Senator Harris, Feinstein and Pelosi to urge them to use every tool to stop the confirmation!

At stake with this confirmation is our health care, our rights and our democracy. We must stop Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell from confirming another Supreme Court Justice before inauguration.

Urge Feinstein, Pelosi and Harris to stop the Supreme Court confirmation now!

Our time line is short, the committee will start the confirmation hearings on Monday, October 12th, and aims to move consideration to the full Senate by Thursday, October 15th. If we can get Democrats to stall the procedures on Thursday, then we can win another full week to regroup and continue the fight. 

Click here to stand with Ruth Bader Ginsberg's final fervent wish to stop the new confirmation until after the inauguration!

In solidarity and struggle,


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