Friend, did you see Samantha’s email yesterday about why Wednesday’s deadline is so important?

We set an ambitious goal, and we need to see a big push today if we're going to meet it.

We need everyone reading this email right now to pitch in $5 or more to help us stay on track.

You’re a crucial part of this team, friend, and we need your help. Do your part and pitch in to help Doug meet his goal for the last fundraising deadline of the election >>

–Team Doug

Hey there friend!

We made it! We’ve reached the final FEC fundraising deadline of this election!

You know we couldn’t let this last one go by without challenging ourselves – and you – with an ambitious goal for our last time around: we’re trying to raise $453,209 by Wednesday at midnight.

You’ve helped us reach or exceed every goal we’ve set this campaign, and we need your help to finish strong. Help Doug reach his last fundraising goal >>

This will be the last time we publicly report our fundraising numbers. We’ve had a groundswell of grassroots support in the past few weeks, and we know we have the energy to take us over the finish line in November. By meeting this goal, we’ll make sure everyone else sees it too.

What we’re able to raise this week will determine how many people we can have on the ground, how many ads on the air, and how many votes we turn out in the last two weeks of the election.

What we’re able to raise this week could decide whether we win or lose.

You’ve been a key member of this incredible team the entire time, friend. Help us pull off this victory – after that, there’s just one more to go.

Thanks for everything,

Samantha Thurber
AL Finance Director
Doug Jones for Senate






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