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Subject CD5 & Bice at OCPAC | RUSH hosts TRUMP | FLA Governor Nukes BLM
Date October 12, 2020 1:30 PM
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CD5 & Bice at OCPAC | RUSH hosts TRUMP | FLA Governor Nukes BLM Published Monday, October 12, 2020 AT NOON WEDNESDAY STEPHANIE BICE Challenging Kendra Horn to Return CD 5 to Republican Party A year ago, Wall Street Journal writer, Natalie Andrews, predicted Republicans would gain seats in the U.S. House. The political turbulence has since then become quite violent leaving all sides quite uncertain. The political website, 270towin, lists Oklahoma's race for HD5 as one of the nation's most tightly contested U.S. House Districts It gives only a slight tilt to Kendra Horn. This explains the massive amounts of Massachusetts campaign contributions coming to Oklahoma for Kendra Horn. Like us, the Democrats know this is an important seat. Carol Hefner has been a leader in the Stephanie Bice campaign from the very beginning of the race for CD5. Carol is the State Finance Chair for the OKGOP and one of Oklahoma's more prominent Republican women. Carol will be on hand this Wednesday to talk about the reasons she has endorsed Stephanie so strongly for Oklahoma's CD5 and will also extend an invitation to the OKGOP election night watch party. _____________ ALSO SPEAKING: Mike Sawyer JBS and the long history of defunding local police The John Birch Society (JBS) In 1963, JBS started the Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent (SYLP) project partly based on a plot against police as uncovered by the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee in 1961. We urged members to create ad hoc SYLP committees to pull together members and supportive non-members to protect local police and the communities they serve. That plot included using crowd manipulation, “spontaneous” riot creation, and false “police brutality” campaigns. At least, that what the U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee thought 60 years ago. Obviously, they knew what they were talking about! Mike will be making the society's most recent publication of the New American Magazine titled, The War on Police available after the meeting. Speaking of police, the Oklahoma FOP has already weighed in on Oklahoma's CD 5 race: From The Oklahoma State Fraternal Order of Police The Oklahoma State Fraternal Order of Police officially endorses Senator Stephanie Bice for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District. Senator Bice has long been a vocal supporter of public safety and has a proven voting record, which made this an easy decision. While law enforcement around the country continues to be vilified, it is important for us to back a leader who we know will play a key role as we push back against the anti-public safety agenda. Mike Sawyer is the Area Coordinator for the John Birch Society. _____________________ WEDNESDAY'S DOUBLEHEADER STEPHANIE BICE Listen to a key player in the effort to demote Nancy Pelosi. MIKE SAWYER Bringing the latest news on the attack on local police. BRING SOMEONE! ________________ MEETING LOCATION: Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association 420 E. Britton Road OKC, OK 73114 WEDNESDAY NOON to 1 PM FREE to those 18-years old and under FREE to college students 21-years old and under. $5 entry for all others Catered by Nan's Catering Full lunch $10 Table of Contents BOB LINN Battle for the Soul of America Fraught with Hate & Deception OCPAC WAR CHEST OCPAC LAST WEDNESDAY Alex Newman | Brian Hobbs RUSH HOSTS TRUMP Setting the record straight yields record response EVERETT PIPER Setting the record straight: the Democrat party of hate HONORING TOM DAXON Join Governor Stitt, Former Governor Keating and others Honoring the man who impacted politics nationally MOVIE SCREENING Tomorrow In His Image OKGOP WATCH PARTY Election Night GOVERNOR DeSANTIS Drops Nuke on Antifa/BLM ________________ Prior Week Entries of Continued Importance ENEMIES WITHIN THE CHURCH Curtis Bowers | Trevor Loudon POLL WORKERS NEEDED $100 -$110 daily ________________ ARCHIVES CHINA VIRUS Links to our past COVID-related articles STEVE ANDERSON Newly Published Book The First Level of Reality Was this newsletter forwarded by a friend? Sign up to get your own copy. Sign up here. BOB LINN Battle for the Soul of America Fraught with Hate & Deception The long-fought battle for the soul of America came to a head in 2020. The leftist war against the President is a war against a sovereign & Christian America. The Democrats and their Marxist allies hope to deliver the White House into the hands of the Deep State, the globalists, and the authority of the United Nations. Fortunately, 2020 has also seen a shift in the political allegiance of black America. A long-time voting bloc of the far left, black Americans are becoming “WOKE” in the positive liberty-minded sense. It was sixty years ago that the black communist leader, Manning Johnson, awakened to the lies of the political left and its Marxist rhetoric. In his book, Color, Communism, and Common Sense, he articulates the many ways the Communist Party used blacks to further their mission for the enslavement of the human race with no interest in any of the rhetorical elements used to recruit them. He spoke of the Communist disdain for blacks when he said, "The Negro business man has always been a chief target of the Communists. They despise him because of his conservatism. They label him an 'enemy of the Negro masses.' Such labels are reserved for those the Communists plan to liquidate. Since the Negro business man is an inspiration and example to other Negroes to take advantage of the countless opportunities of the free enterprise system, he is an object of derision by Communists." Today, Candice Owens is making a convincing case against the Democrats and the destruction to the black community brought by their leftist policies. In her recent book, Blackout, Larry Elder writes this in the introduction: The biggest problem in the black community is not racism, inequality, lack of access to healthcare, climate change, the alleged need for ‘common sense gun control laws,’ or any number of the arguments Democrats pitch to blacks to secure that 90-percent-plus black vote. The number one problem in the black community, as Candice Owens told congress, is a lack of fathers in the home. The disinformation and rhetoric designed to stimulate racial hatred have been the despicable tools of Cultural Marxism found in the Social Justice movement of the political left. A movement that has infiltrated our educational institutions, our seminaries, the church, and parachurch organizations. As the content which follows developed, I chose to jettison my original article and, instead, write only these brief thoughts by way of an introduction to the remainder of the newsletter. The following content deals with the many elements of 2020 which are based in hatred and deception. And, what some are doing about it. Articles and comments by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Dr. Everett Piper, Mayor Brian Hobbs, Rush Limbaugh, and President Donald Trump are all educational and inspiring. May you be filled with the zeal of the Lord as you read the excellent content below. Be sure to register today for the Tom Daxon lifetime achievement awards banquet. God bless. PRAYER FOR AMERICA May the American pulpit recognize the foundation of civilization for what it is: the responsibility of the church. May we recognize war was declared by God in Genesis 3:15. May our pulpits and our churches engage in that war. May we fulfill our calling as God's vice-regents of the earth. May we be faithful during our time of occupation. ~Genesis 1 ‌ Help us continue to build the OCPAC war chest. November lies ahead. 100% of your money goes directly to the campaigns of candidates OCPAC leadership has vetted and endorsed. Mail Checks to: OCPAC P.O. Box 2021 Edmond, OK 73083 DONATE HERE God bless and thank you for all you do for Oklahoma! LAST WEEK _______________________ ALEX NEWMAN PART II COVID | RIOTS | TARGETING CHRISTIAN AMERICA You may watch the meeting here. _________________________ THE INCOMPETENT CINDY BYRD Failing as Oklahoma State Auditor Mayor Brian Hobbs THE STATE AUDITOR'S ATTACK ON EPIC Oklahoma State Auditor, Cindy Byrd, took the podium at last week's news conference to describe the 7 worst sins of Epic Charter Schools. It was an almost unimaginable trashing of the free enterprise system and the incredible success it breeds. Mayor Brian Hobbs and his wife have placed their children in Epic because they do not want the government schools to indoctrinate their children with the same Marxist ideology which is behind the "audit" Cindy Byrd has presented to the public. We asked Brian to speak to us about the details of the "audit" presented by Cindy Byrd, as he has followed Epic and the annual assaults launched against them by various agencies of the state of Oklahoma. Brian's advocacy for the positive values and promotion of truth inherent in free enterprise make him a great spokesman for the success of Epic. A success that stands in stark contrast to the failures and the dis-information of a non-competitive government monopoly in education. And the government's inability to conduct an audit. You may watch the meeting here. RUSH HOSTS TRUMP Setting the record straight yields record response by Bob Linn The Golden Microphone The Golden President Last Friday, Rush provided President Donald Trump what the rest of the media will not. For two hours, the President was provided an opportunity to showcase his many achievements and to respond to his many detractors in the media and the rest of America's Deep State. No President has been more effective at turning a failing economy around. No president has had to do it a second time in response to a COVID virus apparently sent from his political enemies from without (Maoist Chinese Communist Party in Beijing) and potentially even within (America's Deep State aka the Maoist Chinese Communist Party in Washington, D.C.). Rush played recent sound bites from Joe Biden and allowed the President to comment. I am providing the entire transcript below. In addition, I am providing the longest audio I could find. If you want to hear the entire broadcast, become a member of the EIB network here. Find the transcript of entire interview here. Listen to the first 45 minutes here. EVERETT PIPER Democrats are a party of hate & death and they admit it Proof abounds that Democrats spout hateful messages, including ill wishes for the President and First Lady. The following appeared in the Washington Times this past weekend. It was written by former university president and Oklahoma's own, Dr. Everett Piper. It appeared Saturday, October 10, 2020. ANALYSIS/OPIONION This past week proved it. The Democratic Party is now a party of hate and revenge. It is a party of violence and vice. The Democratic Party is one of elite socialists who wish for, and celebrate, the death of all who dare to stand in their way. Stated simply, Democrats are now a Nietzschean party of the Ubermensch — a party of racial, political and ideological supremacists who openly disdain all who disagree with their Marxist march for power and their bloodlust for control. THE PROOF? Dick Costolo, the former Twitter chief executive officer, tweeted this past week that all businessmen and businesswomen who don’t share his progressive social agenda “are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution.” He then added, “I’ll happily provide video commentary.” Bhaskar Sunkara [pictured below], is the founder and publisher of the Jacobin magazine. [The Jacobin Club was a leader in the secularist revolutionary political movement during the French Revolution. The Jacobin magazine today is the voice of the radical left (socialist) movement.] While extolling the moral superiority of the SJW movement, Bhaskar Sunkara posted, “I think killing the little Romanov children was justified …” By the way, Mr. Sunkara is known to be the ideological leader for the likes of Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and the host of other like-minded democratic socialists now proudly strutting the halls of the U.S. Congress. Not to be outdone in this celebration of evil, Hillary Clinton’s former communications adviser, Zara Rahim, tweeted, “I hope [Trump] dies … we are waiting for [his] death.” Just anomalies, you say? Well, no. Not even close. Here is just a smattering of what Democrats think of President Trump, his family and all who support him. “There is a God,” said ESPN baseball writer Marly Rivera shortly after news broke of the positive COVID-19 test for the president and first lady. “I don’t feel bad about hoping he dies,” added Roadshow social media editor Daniel Golson. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Burn in hell, you mother f–—,” said another. “PLS DIE PLS DIE PLS DIE,” chimed in, musical artist Nedarb. “[Trump] is a terrible person, and the world will be a better place without him in it. I hope he dies, and I hope it’s painful.” tweeted Zoe. “For once, I’m rooting for the virus,” said film critic Simon Abrams. “I hope they both die,” agreed congressional candidate Steve Cox. Now, it is very important that we not forget the historical framework for such comments. When digesting any political commentary, it is paramount to remember the age-old axiom “context is king.” In other words, the aforementioned vitriol and hate are built upon a rhetorical foundation. The house stands because it has cornerstones. Consider this: Michael Bloomberg told us that those who labor in America’s heartland “lack grey matter.” Hillary Clinton has called us a “basket of deplorables.” Barack Obama, after his god-like declaration that he was “the one we’ve been waiting for and that he was the change we seek,” smirked at those who are conservative Christians because we “cling to [our] God and [our] guns.” Don Lemon has laughed at us for being ignorant “rubes.” Jack Posobiec says it well, “The left has spent the entire [year] demanding Trump condemn hate and then instantly flips to hoping that he and his wife die. This is who we are dealing with.” Donald Trump’s contraction of COVID-19 has exposed the Democrats for the hateful and vile people we always suspected them of being. Ideas always bear fruit. This is what these people think. These are the ideas they hold dear. As Mr. Posobiec says, “This is who we’re dealing with.” Richard Weaver once told us that “ideas have consequences.” Jesus said, “for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Solomon taught, “but, the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.” And the prophet Ezekiel warned, “How sick is your heart … that you did (said) all these things, the deeds (words) of a brazen whore.” Consider this warning from James Woods on Twitter just a few days ago, “they [have] … rioted, looted, burned cities, assassinated peace officers, and now they’re threatening to do more if they don’t get their way. Oh, and they want your vote.” This is who we are dealing with. This is who they are. These people are admitting that they literally want you dead. Remember in November and vote. • Everett Piper (, @dreverettpiper), a columnist for The Washington Times, is a former university president and radio host. He is the author of “Not a Daycare: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth” (Regnery) OCPAC HONORS The Lifetime Achievements of TOM DAXON The Oklahoma History Center 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73105 Wednesday, October 28, 2020 12:00 P.M. - 1:30 P.M. Governor Kevin Stitt and Former Governor Frank Keating will help us honor the incredible achievements of Tom Daxon. Tom served as one of Oklahoma's most brilliant ever to hold the office of Oklahoma State Auditor & Inspector. His stellar service led to the criminal conviction of more than 200 people, mostly County Commissioners, from 60 of Oklahoma's 77 counties. Of those 60 counties, there were thirteen who lost all three commissioners in the wake of the investigation. His work not only cleaned up Oklahoma politics, but led to governmental transformations which swept every state in the union. OCPAC will convene its regular Wednesday meeting at The Oklahoma History Center to honor one of Oklahoma's greatest and most productive citizens. You will hear from Governor Kevin Stitt, Former Governor Frank Keating, Bill Price, Steve Anderson, and others about the significance of this devout Christian man's public service. Tickets are available online now. Seating is limited. Purchase your ticket early here. TOMORROW!  IN HIS IMAGE MOVIE Screening Tomorrow Tuesday, October 13 7:00 PM First Southern Baptist Church 6400 S. Sooner Road, OKC, OK 73135 This film is a project of American Family Association and American Family Studios. Helping with the content was our own Stephen Black, Director of First Stone Ministries. The film interviews the leading voices who promote the Biblical view that gender identity is inherent in the physical realities of our bodies as God shaped us in the womb. The content of the movie is provided by an educated group. See below. The screening will include a panel of the movie's producers and participants. They include: UPDATE OKGOP WATCH PARTY Election Night by Carol Hefner The Edmond Conference Center Hilton Garden Inn Eventbrite registration coming soon Spend the evening with fellow Oklahomans to follow election night on the big screens. Eventbright will be taking reservations. Security will require valid identification ID at sign in. Let your conservative clubs throughout Oklahoma know! Carol Hefner OKGOP State Finance Chair [email protected] DeSANTIS DROPS NUKE Criminalizes Tactics of ANTIFA/BLM by Bob Linn Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Fires more than a shot across the bow Last month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis showed the 26 Republican Governors in the U.S. how to handle violence against the public. On September 21, he announced that in Florida ... Violent Assembly: 3rd Degree Felony Blocking Roadway: Felony Arrested in A Riot: In Jail Until Trial Touch A Cop: Six Months In Jail Mandatory Organizing or Funding Riots: R.I.C.O. Applied (R.I.C.O. is Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) There were a host of other activities dealt with, including the tearing down of statues and enhanced penalties for crimes committed during a riot. Then, there was the announcement meant to impact any Democrat Mayor in Florida thinking about making BLM their source of municipal policy. The Governor said: If you defund the police, the state is going to defund any grants or aids coming to you. Read more here Watch the Governor's News conference here Thanks to Pastor Alan Connor for alerting me to this story. Alan Connor is Pastor of Northwest Bible Church in Oklahoma City. PRIOR WEEK ENTRIES of Continued Importance  ENEMIES WITHIN THE CHURCH By Bob Linn Pastor Cary Gordon narrates this soon-to-be-released film exposing the Marxist infiltration into America's churches, seminaries, and Christian missionary movements. Those involved in the film include Trevor Loudon and Curtis Bowers. This film exposes shocking developments throughout the entire breadth of 21st century Christendom. Protestants, Catholics, and the Orthodox church have been infiltrated. Our beloved evangelistic organizations have seen wolves in sheep's clothing rise to the very top. The head of the Russian Orthodox church is a KGB agent. The Pope is a Marxist. The evangelical church has been deeply penetrated. That penetration goes to the very top of institutions we thought were rock solid. This includes the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the Southern Baptist Church, the former Campus Crusade for Christ (now, CRU), and many others. The evidence is iron clad. I was on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ and worked with founder and President, Dr. Bill Bright. Sadly, I have been made aware that Marxist concepts have become pervasive at their national conferences over the past few years. It is both clear and stunning. Marxist language is now a part of their programs on campuses throughout the nation. I've also spent many years in the Southern Baptist Church. In addition, my wife and I founded a PCA church in our living room many years ago. In spite of my close relationship with all these institutions, the evidence of their fall from Godliness is overwhelming. In the near future, I plan to focus on the developments within the organization I once knew as Campus Crusade for Christ. It is important to expose these enemies who have crept into Christendom. These have entered our Christian institutions in an effort to destroy the Church. The "gospel" they promote will bear no fruit. Marxist ideology mixed with Bible verses will produce neither salvation nor the health, peace, and prosperity of civilizations. Marxist concepts like social justice, critical race theory and the myths inherent in the concept of "white privilege" are ungodly, contrary to all of the Scriptures, and represent evil and destructive weapons designed to destroy the church, the family, and societies. They are drenched in narcissism and hatred. These ideas, now permeating most of our seminaries and academic institutions (beginning in elementary school), will soon destroy the nation if we do not expose them for the evil they represent. PLEASE HELP US FINISH THIS PROJECT BY CONTRIBUTING HERE. $50,000 is needed to complete the film. Consider the opportunity prayerfully. Thanks! Watch the Trailer here. POLL WORKERS NEEDED by Suzanne Callihan We need more conservatives working the polls. Find information here. In Oklahoma County, call Maghan Alkire or Lindsey Blandford 1-405-713-1515 PAY IS $100-$110 per day List of other county election boards here. ARCHIVES ... COVID CONTINUING IN THE NEWS FOR YOUR INFORMATION AS THE LEFTIST MEDIA CONTINUES TO POUND AWAY AT A DEBUNKED THEORY To see the information OCPAC has published in the past few weeks on the medical and scientific data which overwhelmingly supports an immediate return to normality, see these past issues: Europe's Wuhon Connections March 23, 2020 Doctors from Yale, Stanford, Harvard speak out March 30, 2020 History of Dr. Fauci April 6, 2020 China and Coronavirus/Curtis Bowers April 13, 2020 Medical charts: International/Oklahoma April 20, 2020 California study on 5,000 patients Dr. Daniel Erickson April 27, 2020 The clear politics of COVID May 18, 2020 Dr. Jeff Barke: Government and COVID May 25, 2020 “Never Again!” __________________ Get the OCPAC email sent to your inbox every Monday Sign up here. STEVE ANDERSON Publishes New Book The First Level of Reality FIVE STAR RATING! Order this well-received book written by OCPAC's Political Analyst today! Science meets mysticism in a hidden war waged within the complexities of time and space to control the course of humanity. Four young people enter a world where reality is not always what it seems. Once swept into the fray they find themselves as the primary weapon of one side of the conflict even as they try to determine who or what is using them and why. The reader will join the four as they find that mysticism is layered within the fields of mathematics and physics in a way that may leave you wondering how much is really fiction. Steve Anderson is the OCPAC Political Analyst ORDER STEVE'S NEW BOOK HERE __________________ Books Recommended Last Week Order Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children by Samuel Blumenfeld & Alex Newman. Order Samuel Blumenfeld’s original text, NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education. ‌ OCPAC | P.O. 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