Dear ,

ANTIFA and BLM radicals are destroying our cities, and even killing Americans in the streets. 

But I've never been afraid to get my hands dirty. 

Watch me face down the mob in protest of the removal Delaware's greatest monuments:

While most politicians cower to the mob, I'm in the streets fighting them.

With your support, I can bring that attitude to Washington. 

But we're closing in on the general election, and I need your support now more than ever. 

Help me defeat radical Communist Sen. Chris Coons - who marched with rioters in Delaware - by contributing generously to my campaign today

Ordinary Americans want law and order. 

Even Democrats are fleeing the radical left because of the violence, and we have a chance to convert some of those voters. 

But I can't do it without you, and time is running short. 

I'm asking you to chip in $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, or anything you can afford to my campaign in this critical stage, and together, we can defeat these radical leftists and save the America we love

Thank you in advance. 

In Liberty,

Lauren E. Witzke

Republican for U.S. Senate, Delaware

P.S. I'll never back down from the mob. 

Help send me to Washington to fight them alongside President Trump by contributing generously to my campaign today.


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