Dear Jack,

Colmar Brunton shows 11 ACT MPs, our the best in two decades. But, we are still pushing to raise our vote.

Please donate for our final push.

People want a genuinely independent team in parliament to hold them ALL accountable, and ACT is that team.

The thing is, we are outgunned on radio and TV. The Electoral Commission give Labour and National almost ten times our broadcast allocation for broadcast media, but they are all out of date.

We just go around them with our online advertising. We have the best digital team in the campaign, and our ads cut through.

Where you come in is that we pay for every click and every ‘impression’ for online ads. Will you put some more gas in ACT’s tank?

Please donate to help us reach more people online.

All going to plan, Saturday night will be a HUGE celebration of a MUCH bigger ACT team taking your voice to parliament.

It will be at Headquarters, Viaduct Basin, Auckland, from 6:00pm Saturday. This information is only being sent to ACT Members and Free Press Subscribers.

We expect results to be early due to early voting. We have secured discount accommodation if you are coming from outside Auckland, please email [email protected] for details.

For quick entry, please download the ACT App for iPhone of Android to show your commitment to ACT.

Yours sincerely,

Seymour Signature

David Seymour, ACT Leader

ACT New Zealand


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