ACLU of Northern California

Dear ACLU Supporter,

Will you stand with us to keep families together and end mass incarceration in California? Every year, California tears countless families apart with sentence enhancements that pile on more years to people's original sentences. These enhancements exacerbate existing racial disparities in our criminal justice system, waste critical resources, and make it more difficult for people to reenter society. Research also shows that sentence enhancements don’t deter crime.

Voice your support for smart justice reforms with SB 136.

DIAL: 833-921-0013

SB 136 reins in a one-year sentence enhancement used for people who have already served their time for past felonies. The Department of Finance estimates that California would save $132 million over the course of three years with SB 136. The California State Assembly is about to vote on it and your reps need to hear from you!

Dial 833-921-0013 to be connected to your Assembly member’s office. When they answer, tell them the town where you live, that you think it is time to end mass incarceration in California, and to vote YES on SB 136.

Thank you for speaking up to keep families together and end the mass incarceration of black and brown Californians who are disproportionately impacted by sentence enhancements.

In solidarity,

Abdi Soltani

Abdi Soltani
Executive Director, ACLU of Northern California