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Happy Monday Indian River County!
What a week! We saw the first Presidential Debate. President Trump went out of his way to be disruptive...and Vice President Biden couldn't take the pressure. Biden was reduced to name-calling ("clown", "idiot") on several occasions and telling the President to "shut up." Query: if Biden can't remain composed during a 90 minute debate, how can he be expected to govern the nation? Will Putin or Xi give him a free pass? Well, maybe they will. Perhaps the Iranians will as well. Perhaps it depends on what kind of deal Hunter Biden can strike in those nations...

And then the President and First Lady were stricken with the COVID virus, China's latest gift to the US and the world. The President is undergoing treatment at Walter Reed Military Hospital and appears to be in good condition. Obviously, the full details of his current medical record are a matter of national security.

The President's medical condition has brought to light some inherent defects in the Presidential Succession Act of 1947. The portions of that Act that provide for the Speaker of the House and Speaker Pro Tempore of the Senate appear to be in violation of the Constitutional direction (Art. II, Sec. 1, clause 6) that Congress provide by law which "Officer" shall act in case the office of President is vacant. The Constitution also provides, in the Incompatibility Clause (Art. I, Sec. 6, clause 2) that service in Congress is incompatible with being an Officer of the United States. That section of the Presidential Succession Act putting the Speaker and President Pro Tem in the line of succession is thus facially unconstitutional as written, and is subject to a huge, but hopefully short, legal battle if implemented.

And that brings us back to the importance of the Barrett Supreme Court nomination. Mitch McConnell has maneuvered the Senate such that the Judiciary Hearings on Judge Barrett are the only thing keeping the Senate from being in recess. Minority Leader Schumer is angling for a Senate Recess to forestall the hearings. But in the event of a Senate Recess of 10 days or longer, the President has the absolute right to make a Recess Appointment to the Supreme Court that will be effective until the earlier of a) a Presidential nominee who garners Senatorial Advice and Consent; or b) the end of the 2021-22 Congressional Session. Notable Recess Appointments to the Supreme Court include Chief Justice Earl Warren, appointed by President Eisenhower while the Senate was in recess. In any event, it would be extremely important to have a full complement of 9 Justices seated to hear a challenge to the Presidential Succession Act, and from the perspective of conservatives, it would be equally important that as many Justices as possible be Originalists.

And locally...


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From Republican Veterans Club:
Meeting Monday, 10/5, 11:30am - 1:00pm, lunch at CJ Cannon's; Speaker, Maj. Eric Flowers, IRC Sheriff's Office, Republican Candidate for Sheriff

Joe Saul
Secretary, Indian River County REC


Joe Saul
Indian River County Republican Executive Committee
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