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Subject Future of ABC2
Date July 11, 2019 1:25 PM
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Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

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Dear Friends,

It is
often said that you can go fast if you go alone, but to go far you
need to go together.
 Since the beginning of ABC² in 2001, we
have been fortunate to travel in the company of wonderful
friends.  Because of this, our journey has taken us far
beyond what we originally envisioned. 
Now, in our 18th year, the Board of Directors and founders of
ABC² have come to believe that it is time for us to wind down the
and pass the torch to a new generation of leaders.  We are proud
of what we've all accomplished together,
and we are confident that the community we have helped build, and the
seeds of the
research we've planted, will bring us to a cure.

ABC² began
when a wonderful man, San Francisco investment banker Dan Case, was
with glioblastoma.  Dan, who helped build
what we now think of as Silicon Valley, faced this challenge with his
vision, courage and thoughtfulness.  Together
with family and friends, he created ABC² to bring an aggressive
approach to fighting brain cancer.  In
fact, one of ABC²'s very first research initiatives forged
a partnership with
Genentech to bring the new drug Avastin to glioma patients.
 Sadly, in a story we all know too well, Dan
passed away during the foundation's first year. 
However, his family and friends recognized the importance of the work
they had started and they saw that it was important to continue
on.  What they thought might be a 2-3 year project
eventually turned into an incredible 18-year journey. 

Over this
time, ABC² has grown from one family's story to include so
many others whose
lives have also been touched by brain cancer. We are all proud of what
accomplished and we are grateful for the supportive community that has
this possible.  Together we have helped
shape national cancer policy; helped bring 32 new treatments into the
clinic; and
built foundational platforms in precision medicine, preclinical
immune therapy and adaptive clinical trial design.  We have
funded more than 120 grants that
provided more than $22 million for research. 
We have also been fortunate to play a role in building the vibrant
cancer research, treatment and advocacy community that we have today.
 However, we now believe that it is time for us
to take this step and we are encouraged that the research landscape
has grown
to the point where our role is no longer so unique.  This makes
it possible for us to look to our
next chapter.

While we will
formally close the doors at ABC² at the end of the year, we
intend to remain
engaged in the brain cancer research community.  We will continue
funding research projects through
the end of the year and we are working on ways to assure that the
funds we have
raised can be put to work to continue to fund ABC²-style research
projects even
after our closure.  We will be forever
grateful for the friends we've made along the way and we thank
the many, many
people who have selflessly committed themselves to this cause.
 Most importantly, we remain optimistic that in
the not-too-distant future families will no longer have to endure the
dire experience
of a brain cancer diagnosis, but instead will see this as a condition
that they
can manage and go on to lead ever more productive lives.

If you
would like to reach out to me directly about this decision or the path
please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Thank you
and best wishes.


and CEO
Brain Cancer Cure

1717 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036 | Tel:

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