From Christine Jardine MP, Lib Dems <[email protected]>
Subject The Lib Dems have a new party policy on Europe - read it now:
Date September 27, 2020 5:59 PM
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<[link removed]>The Liberal Democrats fought long and hard to stop Brexit.

And our values have not changed. At every step of the Brexit process, we have been clear and outspoken in our belief that Britain is better off within the EU. We will always stand firm in our pro-European, internationalist values because we know, we are so much better off together than we will ever be alone.

However, we have now left the EU - and our country is facing the chaos of a pandemic that is getting out of control once again. Our job today is to stop the chaos of a no-deal Brexit.

Share the news on Facebook  ➜ <[link removed]>Share the news on Twitter  ➜ <[link removed]:>Today, Liberal Democrat conference called for the Government to protect the UK in its Brexit negotiations. They must put country before Party or Leave alliances, and work for the best Brexit deal for Britain. We’re calling on the government to:

- Honour the commitments it made in the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration

- Protect and where possible enhance the rights of UK citizens in the EU and vice versa

- Respect the European Convention on Human Rights and Charter of Fundamental Rights for all UK citizens

- Maintain the closest possible alignment with the EU towards the customs union, single market and freedom of movement

You can read the whole motion here: <[link removed]>

The UK and Europe  ➜ <[link removed]>As the numbers in Parliament stand, we cannot stop Brexit. What we can do is work to minimise the damage of the country’s exit from the EU to ensure the best deal for the British people.

It is our duty to work across the divides of Leave and Remain, to protect the influence, reputation, safety and security of our country, and the livelihoods of British people. Now is not the time to pick sides. It is time to come together and work for the good of our country.

Best wishes,

Christine Jardine MP

Liberal Democrats


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