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Less than 100 Days to Go!

September 25th, 2020
Dear Friends and Supporters

With Tuesday, September 22nd marking 100 days until the end of the Transition Period, the clock is quickly ticking down towards our release from the clutches of Brussels - a grip which the European Union will not release without a fight. You can see our very own countdown to freedom on the homepage of our website along with lots of other analysis on all things Brexit.
The last 2 weeks have seen the desperately needed UK Internal Market Bill (UKIMB) proceed through the House of Commons. However, this has not been without compromise and unfortunately Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given in to the demands from Remainers in his Party to amend the original Bill. This means any application of the Bill must first be approved by Parliament - something which proposes no danger at the moment, while we have a majority of Brexit-backing MPs. However, this will not last forever and we could see a Remain-dominated Parliament return in years to come. Such a Parliament is certain to side with the EU and fail to protect the sovereignty of this country.
Despite the Prime Minister’s concessions, there are many who still refuse to back the Government and their rightful attempt to try and take power away from the EU. The usual suspects - Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP of course - still side with the EU over our own country. However - and notably – Remainer former Prime Minister, Theresa May, is also refusing to back the Bill. With the comfort Mrs May has demonstrated over handing power to the EU, this is hardly surprising, but it shows how lucky we are she was booted out of office when she was. The SNP’s repeated rejection of powers being returned to them by Brussels continues to baffle me, especially when again this week, concerns have been raised over the ability of Scotland to re-join the EU if they do ever become independent. Many Member States, especially Spain (re Catalonia) have no interest in allowing newly independent regions join the EU in case it drives separatism in their own country.
Having passed the Committee Stage without needing a vote and with no further amendments, the UKIMB will now have to pass the Lords which will not be an easy task. However, it is worth saying, as soon as the UK presented this Bill and as it has been progressing through the House of Commons, the EU has become a lot more receptive to the idea of compromises - with the EU’s Chief Brexit Negotiator, Michel Barnier, confirming this week he believes a Deal is possible before the end of the year! Perhaps he is only now accepting the EU needs a good trade deal with the UK – and we will not simply be trampled into submission!

Before I continue - if Get Britain Out is to continue putting up our fight – especially now things are coming down to the wire, we still need donations to keep us going. We are very appreciative of the donations we have received so far, but even now, these are reducing, with many cancelling regular contributions. There is still a great deal to be done and we urgently need your help for these last 3 remaining months. We need a REAL Brexit instead of a Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) – and a GOOD trade deal OR WE MUST COME OUT of the EU on WTO Terms!
For as long as we are here Get Britain Out will keep on trying to get the Government’s attention - and will keep winning victories for Brexiteers.
I do understand not all of you can afford to donate, but if we fail to keep up the pressure on this Government, we may find ourselves tied to the EU indefinitely or with BRINO!
Speaking of ‘Remainers’ not learning from the last General Election and sticking to their desire to block Brexit - even at this stage - the Labour Party has begun their charm offensive on the former Red Wall, now renamed the ‘Blue Wall’ (as Sir Keir Starmer said this week). Key to this has been a media strategy of sending out Sir Keir to claim he now supports Brexit and believes the fight of Remain vs Leave is now over! While such a sentiment would be welcome if really true, this comes 4 years too late and his actions do not speak louder than his words. On multiple occasions in recent weeks Labour have voted against key Brexit legislation - including the Fisheries Bill; the Agriculture Bill; the Immigration Bill and most recently, the UK Internal Market Bill. Surely, if the fight of Remain vs Leave is over, then Labour should be backing the Government over these proposals which would finally ‘Take Back Control’ of our country from Brussels.

The unfortunate truth is, nothing about Labour has changed other than the face on the posters! 

Until the modern Labour Party emerges from their metropolitan ‘woke’ bubble, they will never be able to connect with the realities of this country – or the Great British Public.
With negotiations with the EU ongoing, Lord Frost, the UK’s Chief Brexit Negotiator has welcomed his EU counterpart Michel Barnier, to London this week for informal talks ahead of full-scale discussions in Brussels next week. There has been little news from these informal talks, which appear to be the quiet before the storm. Next week’s talks will also coincide with Michael Gove meeting his counterpart Maroš Šefčovič as the Joint Chairs of the UK-EU Joint Committee. The focus of this meeting, again in Brussels, is to hash out the consequences of the UKIMB and how it impacts the Withdrawal Agreement. As we have said from the start, if the EU won’t accept our proposals, then the only option for this Government should be to walk away from the talks and tear up the Withdrawal Agreement at the same time. The public will never accept a Brexit which keeps this country bound to the EU for decades to come. The full agenda for this meeting can found in the links at the end of this e-Bulletin. Unfortunately, a full agenda for the full-scale negotiations between Frost and Barnier is yet to be released. 

Mr Gove has also been busy these past 2 weeks, trying to get the UK more prepared for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. This has included trying to launch another app!! And providing more details to businesses. These are endeavours which Get Britain Out welcomes – however, why are they only being done now? We have known about Brexit and the Transition Period for over 4 years. This slapdash belated approach mirrors the lack of clarity and consistency we have seen in the Government’s response to COVID-19. 

Mr Gove has also said this week, lorries will now need to get a ‘Passport into Kent’ if they have all the completed paperwork and permits for entering into the EU after the end of the Transition Period. Without the passport, which would roll over for multiple trips, hauliers will apparently not be allowed into the county of Kent. It’s a truly bizarre concept to have such barriers within this country! Is this really the most effective solution? Along with the new ‘passport’, Michael Gove has also made a worst-case scenario prediction of potentially 7,000 lorries queuing up to get into Kent – with a possible 2-day delay - if they all don’t have the right paperwork and the French are not prepared. You can read more on the over-the-top response to this later in this e-Bulletin. 

While the Government has not properly perfected preparations for Brexit, at this point if businesses are claiming they have not had time to prepare, then we would again point towards the fact it’s over 4 years since the EU Referendum. Surely, these companies knew changes would need to be made regarding customs checks going into the EU and the other way around. If not, then I would seriously question what they have been doing since June 24th 2016? No doubt things were not helped along by Theresa May’s totally negligent top team, dominated by Remainers, who set the UK up for exiting the EU by refusing to fund preparations or simply ignored the issue entirely, leaving businesses in the dark.

If, like us, you are concerned over the lack of clarity from this Government about ongoing negotiations with the EU and a lack of preparation for No Deal, then you can download and send this template letter to Michael Gove which we have created. As with our previous letters all you need to do is print off the letter add your name and contact details to the bottom and then post it to Michael Gove MP at the address printed at the top of the letter. The Government and Ministers must know your eyes are watching them - and their inability to properly communicate with the public is a travesty. You can read and download the letter here. 

Elsewhere in the world, the UK has seen much greater progress in trade discussions. Having already secured a comprehensive UK trade deal with Japan – much better than the one the EU managed to negotiate with Japan - this week saw the 4th round of trade discussions with the USA. Despite scepticism from Remainers, excellent progress has been made and legal texts are already being drawn up covering a multitude of areas, including intellectual property and financial services.

These successes come alongside the Department for International Trade confirming that as of this week they have removed 175 barriers to trade so far this year - barriers which we have only been able to remove because of our exit from the EU. However, this is just scratching the surface and we must push on with further reforms to our trading relationships with countries around the world.

Not content with seeing the UK succeed on the world stage and build towards a future outside the EU, this week ‘Project Fear’ has once again reared its ugly head. First was the rabid over promotion of the Government’s worst-case scenario plan for dealing with a potential tailback of 7,000 lorries in Kent. Such a scenario is very unlikely and would require a litany of mistakes both here and in France. The media though, would have you believe such an outcome was guaranteed. I would be more worried if the Government hadn’t accounted for such a scenario.

However, this was just the start of the hysteria. This week also saw the ‘Remain’ so-called ‘think tank’ ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ declare a No Deal Brexit would be 3 times more damaging than COVID-19 to the economy. Yet again the media lapped this up and printed it as if it was an undeniable fact! The claims, however, were actually made based on modeling and predictive impacts of COVID-19 - a pandemic which isn’t even over yet. This kind of scaremongering, which was funded by self-interested Remain millionaires coming up to the EU Referendum, has repeatedly been proven incorrect in the past, and I haven’t seen any valid predictions about the next year, let alone 30 odd years in the future. It is time the media finally paid attention to facts when they promote stories like this and at the very least offered some scrutiny or counter viewpoint. See my own reaction to this report in more detail in the links below.

Get Britain Out’s Director, Jayne Adye, has written the following articles recently: IMPORTANT STORIES YOU MAY LIKE TO SEE: That’s it for this e-Bulletin. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. The fight for a real Brexit is still not won.
Thank you for your ongoing support which is very much appreciated.

Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

P.S. Finally, please don’t forget, we still need your help with donations for the next 3 months – see above - to make sure we can help to secure the best Brexit for the United Kingdom. We appreciate all the help many of you have already given to the campaign, however, for the best possible Brexit to be delivered by the end of this year, now, more than ever, every penny counts if we are to continue our work.

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Huge thanks again for your help and support. GET BRITAIN OUT will try to continue to fight and make sure we get the best result from our Leaving the EU - whether it’s with or without a Deal.

Best wishes, as always,
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