We say parents.

John, thousands of families in California are at risk of being torn apart by parental incarceration. But legislation sponsored by #cut50, California’s SB 394, could set a new national trend and help the 10+ million children nationwide who grow up with a parent behind bars!

This week, the California State Assembly is voting on SB 394, legislation that would give parents an opportunity to seek treatment, get support, and participate in programs rather than being sentenced to prison.  

SB394 sets up a new pretrial diversion court for parents and primary caregivers that holds people accountable for their actions while also giving them a chance to remain with their children and in their communities as they get the help they need. 

But several key members of the Assembly are still on the fence about this bill. 

Hearing from their constituents could be the difference between a NO vote and a YES vote, which could impact tens of thousands of families across the state!

Can you call on your friends and family in California to help by tweeting key members a message of support?

Children with incarcerated parents are at higher risk of psychological, legal, financial, and social challenges – including often, incarceration themselves. When we send a parent to prison, we perpetuate a host of disadvantages from generation to generation.

Health professionals and advocates alike agree; the best way to prevent these lasting and damaging effects is by breaking the cycle of incarceration. By creating a new collaborative court dedicated to rehabilitation instead of incarceration for parents and primary caregivers, Senate Bill 394 would do just that.

This is the bill’s final stop before moving on to California Governor Newsom’s desk. Will you help get it there?

Together, we can create a new model for transformation and healing in our justice system by investing in parents not prisons. 

Let's fight to keep families together and communities whole!

In solidarity,
The #cut50 team

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