From Stephen Paolini, Civic Action <[email protected]>
Subject The price for inequality comes out of your paycheck
Date September 17, 2020 7:14 PM
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If it feels like you're getting screwed in this economy, it's because you are - and now we've got the data to prove it.

The RAND Corporation just published a groundbreaking report on economic inequality. For the first time, we know exactly how much money working Americans have lost to the top 1% since 1975: 50 TRILLION DOLLARS. Not million. Not billion. Trillion with a 't'.

Click here to read about the RAND Corporation's report.

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How did this happen? In the 1970s, trickle-downers committed the greatest heist in American history. They cut taxes on billionaires, deregulated the stock market, and eroded the power of working Americans, stealing an eye-popping $50 trillion from the paychecks of everyday Americans and delivering it to the ultra-rich. Had income distributions remained at 1975 levels, the typical working American would be earning $42,000 more every year.

So, now what? How do we combat wealth inequality that adds up to $2.5 trillion in lost income a year when most political platforms don't even recognize inequality as the epidemic it is?

For starters, we need to spread the word about the content of this report. We need your elected officials to understand that the central goal of our nation's economic policy must be nothing less than the doubling of median income. We must dramatically narrow inequality between distributions while eliminating racial and gender inequalities within them. This is the standard to which we should hold leaders from both parties. To advocate for anything less would be cowardly or dishonest or both.

Please, if we're going to begin to take back the wealth that is being taken from working people, we need you to write to your lawmakers and tell them about this report. Click here to use our easy one-click tool to take action.

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We can take collective action to help the vast majority of everyday people in this country, but we need you fighting with us to stop trickle-down policies and out-of-control inequality.

Thanks for everything you do,

Stephen Paolini


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