Mitch McConnell's face stands out as one of pure evil. It is time for him to go.

Amy McGrath: "I learned as a daughter, a mom, a Marine, and a fighter pilot that protecting our Democracy requires courage."

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Watch Amy McGrath's intro video. Then, chip in $3 to help her defeat Mitch McConnell -- and to our work taking back the Senate in 2020.

In all of American politics, Mitch McConnell's face stands out as one of pure evil. It is time for him to go.

Sending this corrupt bastard into retirement won't be easy. My longtime home state of Kentucky is a heavily Republican-leaning state.

But just as when President Kennedy spoke of a moonshot in 1962, there are things we must choose to do "not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

Yesterday, former fighter pilot Amy McGrath announced that she is running to defeat McConnell. We're on board with that goal. And control of the Senate may depend on it as Democrats need to put another state in play.

Watch Democrat Amy McGrath's intro video. Then, help Amy McGrath's campaign plane get strongly off the flight deck! Donate $3 or more to her 1-day-old campaign to defeat McConnell and our work to take back the Senate?

McConnell has already promised to obstruct the agenda of any Democrat who wins the presidency in 2020 -- just like he did to Obama. He will block Medicare For All. He will block Supreme Court nominations. He will block everything.

The experts at Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight think it is possible to beat McConnell, but it will be hard:

Is it possible? Sure. It would take nearly everything to break McGrath’s way, though. For one, the national environment would need to be really beneficial for Democrats.

That national environment begins with strong national grassroots fundraising. That's where you come in -- now. PLEASE CHIP IN TO HELP DEFEAT MITCH MCCONNELL.

More from FiveThirtyEight:

McConnell has a poor approval rating in his home state, despite its strong GOP lean. The most recent Morning Consult data pegged his approval rating at just 36 percent compared with 50 percent who disapprove of him, making him the most unpopular senator in the country.

McConnell can be defeated -- will you help? Amy McGrath says more about how she will win in Kentucky:

"Trump promised to drain the swamp, bring back jobs, do big things in infrastructure, bring down drug prices...Senator McConnell is bought off by big Pharma."

Kentuckians "are tired of the swamp…folks like Senator McConnell who have been around for 34 years are not the answer…That was a lot of the appeal of Donald Trump, he was an outsider. I’m an outsider too. I’m not someone who ever believed I would be a politician. I just wanted to serve my country."

It would be Amy's biggest service to the country EVER if she DEFEATED MITCH MCCONNELL. Help Amy McGrath's campaign plane get strongly off the flight deck, and take back the Senate!

Thank you.

-- Keith Rouda, PCCC campaigner and long-time Kentucky resident

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told PCCC members, "The majority of Americans are with us on the policies. Americans support Medicare for All, expanding Social Security benefits, gun reform, debt-free college, and a $15 minimum wage. Bold progressive values are popular EVERYWHERE. Together, we have the people. Together, with your help, we’ll have the votes." Chip in $3 here.

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