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The damn klan is at it again...

September 14th, Dahlonega, GA: the klan expects to have a rally. Metro Atlanta DSA, Indivisible, and the Socialist Coalition of North Georgia expect to make that difficult for them. To organize with us email: [email protected]

Here's a press release about it.
A fascist rally has been scheduled to take place on September 14th in Dahlonega, Georgia. The event is being organized by white supremacist Chester Doles, who headed a Klan group and was once the leader of the Georgia chapter of white supremacist group National Alliance. Doles is still affiliated with Crew 38, a supporter group for the racist Hammerskins gang whose members he regularly has contact with. Doles has a violent history, having previously spent time in prison for a brutal racist assault and weapons charges. The event has been promoted with anti-Semitic imagery and various internet posts alluding to his hope for violent confrontations with “Antifa”. In Doles’ mind “Antifa” is any progressive people from supporters of gay and transgender rights, to supports of immigrant rights to critics of President Trump.

Doles’ rally poses a grave danger, which the City of Dahlonega has recklessly neglected to warn its citizens about. Despite being presented as a patriotic, pro-Trump event (which has changed names multiple times) it is being organized by violent white supremacists and supported by an alliance of racists and fascists including the neo-Nazi “Shield Wall Network.” Doles’ rally is being billed as a pro-Trump and patriotic event in order to dupe conservatives and republicans into a white supremacist movement. Despite this the local Republican Party has remained silent.

The event’s organizers have been harassing and threatening activists and the community over the past few months, and have on numerous occasions publicly expressed the desire to engage their opponents violently at the upcoming rally. Doles has bragged about his “security nforce” assembled for the event, has made Facebook posts insinuating the potential for vehicular violence, and has in several places implied a desire to violently confront “Antifa” or anyone who shows up in opposition to the white supremacist gathering.

The Socialist Coalition of North Georgia refuses to tolerate this kind of hatred and will protect our communities from fascist threats. The white supremacists think the rural South can be a base for building their racist movement, but the South has shown and will show again that anti-fascists will show up and oppose them.

We call on anti-racists and progressives of all stripes to come to Dahlonega on September 14th to show the white supremacists they are not welcome in North Georgia.

For more information from us as it is available, check out Twitter @SCofNorthGA. We can also be reached via email at [email protected]

From comrades close to Dahlonega:

Immediately we are focused on preventative measures & safety concerns ahead of time, as the city is woefully neglect to warn citizens. you can help with the substantial costs of this. Money is needed for materials, printing, envelopes, stamps, etc for posters, flyers, mailers, & other costs. Much of that work is being carried out by Atlanta Antifascists & it would be very helpful if you are able to make a donation directly to them:


Metro Atlanta DSA is kicking off our campaign work for the 2020 Bernie Sanders Primary Nomination

September 4: Climate Crisis Town Hall: Watch Party
5pm @ 420 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta

September 8: Cabbagetown Canvas for Bernie
Noon @ Wylie St SE & Powell St SE, Atlanta

September 12 & 13: Team Bernie: Debate Watch Party @ Noni's
8pm @ 357 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta

The man, the myth, the working class legend: Bernie "Prosecute Fossil Fuel Executives" Sanders' 2020 Democratic Primary nomination campaign has launched in the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists. Click here to sign up and be apart of the Bernie Campaign Working Group.

Join us as we knock some doors to register voters and talk with folks about Bernie and Democratic Socialism! We will meet up at Esther Peachy Lefevre Park at 631 Wylie St SE, Atlanta, GA 30316 at noon to give a canvassing training and hand out literature. If you're coming via MARTA rail, message our facebook page up to an hour before the event start and we can get a volunteer to come pick you up and drive you over!


We are organizing, co-organizing, and supporting a number of important events, mark your calendars!:

September 4: Democrats Climate Change CNN town hall
5pm @ 420 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta
join the town hall watch party at the Georgia Beer Garden! Join us to listen to and scrutinize what the Democratic presidential candidates intend to do about the unfolding Climate Crisis.

September 5: The Amazon is Burning
Noon @ 3500 Lenox, Atlanta
we join the call by Amazon Watch, Extinction Rebellion and others in protest of the fascist government of Brazil and the capitalist corporations profiteering from Bolsonaro's policies by logging and burning the Amazon, destroying indigenous land, and exacerbating the 6th mass extinction.

September 27: Climate Strike!
9:30am - 7pm @ Lenox MARTA Station
BUSINESS AS USUAL = MASS EXTINCTION! A coalition of groups in the southeast, including Extinction Rebellion, Earth Strike, IWW, MADSA, and others, is planning a major action for the global climate strike to demand that local, regional, and national governments take immediate action to solve the climate emergency. Join us for this event of major importance! We need every single person!

In particular, please take note of this message from our allies from Extinction Rebellion:

If you'd like to participate in the strike, we encourage you to join an affinity group in the next few weeks. Extinction Rebellion Atlanta is organizing hyperlocal neighborhood affinity groups: small groups of people who will get to know each other, support each other, and participate in this mass action together. If you'd like to join a group in your neighborhood, email Extinction Rebellion Atlanta at [email protected].

Join us!

Close the Concentration Camps
Stop the War On Immigrants!
No to 287g
Not One More Deportation
Abolish ICE
Keep Families Together
Chinga La Migra.

The Atlanta DSA's Immigrants Power Working Group is growing, building a a multifaceted campaign against fascism ramping up by the U.S. government. We're preparing to develop our next strategy and the set of tactics that will bring us to the milestone by October 12.

So now is the time to join and help develop what those tactics are, what the grand strategy looks like in the campaign to Close the Camps, Stop the War on Immigrants, Stop the Deportations, Abolish ICE, Keep Families Together, and Fuck Border Patrol.

September 4 Stop the War on Immigrants! Action Planning Call
6:30pm on Zoom
If we want the October 12 action to be successful, we’re going to need as many volunteers as possible. Please fill out the volunteer form: and email [email protected] to get the call info or check the Immigrants Justice slack channel

Here's the agenda for the call
Election season is upon us.

As per our bylaws, every September General Meeting all seats in the executive committee are up for election: Chair, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and 3 officer positions. Here's what they do, roughly:

Chair: chief administrator, internal lead, defacto spokesperson for the chapter, chairperson of general meetings, and problem solver.

Membership Secretary: master of the member list, member on-boarding, question answerer, designated survivor should the chair get disappeared or something.

Treasurer: dragon that guards the money and chief mathematician.

Recording Secretary: official note taker, records keeper, and master of whispers

Officer At-Large: everything else, on-call firefighter

If you're brave, then fill out this application
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