From The American Voter <[email protected]>
Subject FDIC Won't Insure You
Date September 16, 2020 12:10 PM
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Call  Our Trading Desk  800-474-9159

Attention: If you're a US Citizen with 25k or more in the bank,
IRA, or 401(k), please read carefully. 
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_Have you read the FDIC "Bank Failure Plan" yet? _

In 2012, the FDIC met with the Bank of England to figure out how
they could forego paying back depositors during "Emergency Bank
Procedures." We have the official government 18-page plan... call
833-474-4653 and we'll send it to you today!  

Now that Coronavirus and Civil Unrest are wreaking havoc on the
economy people are panicking - now is the perfect time to steal your

perfect heist! Everyone is in on it – _except for you._

If you want to cut right to the chase and find out exactly HOW YOUR
BANK not only can... but is PLANNING on "legally" robbing you
blind, then simply CLICK HER
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we will send you a COPY of Our - BANK FAILURE SURVIVAL GUIDE
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New Global laws that effectively go around the United States
government and the US financial system through a 50-year-old system
known as CUSIP, can eliminate your opportunity for resistance!

In fact, ALL of the financial industry and government entities that
understand or manipulate finance in any way, are telling you,
OUTRIGHT, they are planning on robbing you blind –for everything
you have worked so hard for all these years.

They already have the FBI, Law Enforcement, and Congress on the
payroll – so they have _no fear_… and they seriously do not care
if you know about their skullduggery or not.

We realize this may sound ridiculous – but look what the banking
elite did to normal people like you in Greece, in Argentina,
In Cyprus, in Italy, and most recently in Venezuela!

And these events have happened in just the past decade alone! We're
not talking the Weimar Republic – We are talking Venezuela RIGHT
NOW as we speak… it's happening right in front of you and you don't
even realize it!

The Fact the FDIC is prepared for a major banking
crisis is HUGE and you will get crushed at some point… unless
you know how to get away from these thugs and criminals. And do it

Send My Bank Failure Survival Guide
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