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When I think of Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania I think: swingstate. Both Republicans and Democrats spend massive sums to put them in their column every four years.

But would you have guessed that blue (liberal) Oregon was the site of the closest margin of victory in the entire nation in 2016 when broken down by congressional district?

In 2016, 554 votes separated President Trump and Hillary Clinton in Oregon's Fourth Congressional District - the district in which I'm running to unseat a 33-year incumbent!!

My name is Alek Skarlatos. I'm a conservative. I'm a veteran. And I represent a new generation of Republicans running for Congress. In just a moment I'm going to ask for your personal endorsement, but first let me explain why it is critical to victory.

In 2015 myself and two childhood friends – and fellow national guardsman – stopped a radical islamic terrorist from committing mass murder on a Paris-bound train.


Ever since that August day on the 15:17 to Paris, I've felt an unshakeable call to serve my community. Last year, I decided the best way I can serve our GREAT nation at this time is by a challenging a radical Democrat named Peter DeFazio for the seat in Congress he's held since 1987; that's even longer than Nancy Pelosi herself has been in Washington, D.C.

With the election less than 50 days from today, we need to build all of the momentum that we can.

Oregon's Fourth Congressional District hasn't sent a Republican to Congress since 1975 – but my campaign is on the cusp on breaking that nearly 50-year-long streak. Which brings me to why I'm emailing you today: I'm asking for you to personally add your name stating that you endorse my campaign for Congress.


Not from Oregon? Let me tell you why you should pay attention to this race.
  • Donald Trump only narrowly lost my district – by a mere 554 votes
  • National political handicappers rate this district EVEN, meaning there are equal numbers of registered Republicans and Democrats. We CAN win this race.
  • If we flip this seat, it's a good sign that Republicans will take back the House
  • We're hoping to find 554 conservatives to offer their personal endorsement before midnight tonight. Can we count you in?

    Over the last several months we've seen a groundswell of support from every corner of the country. From Republican leaders in Washington, D.C., to folks in Oregon's 4th district, to the more than 40,000 conservatives who have made a contribution to help me retire my liberal opponent.

    I'm asking you to join:

    • Senator Ted Cruz
    • Senator Tom Cotton
    • House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy
    • House Republican Whip Steve Scalise
    • Rep. Dan Crenshaw

    In endorsing my campaign today. Can we count you in?


    Retiring a political animal who has been in the game since 1987 is not going to be easy, but with the support of conservatives like you I'm confident we'll rise to the challenge.

    I appreciate your support – no matter where you live. We will all benefit from tossing Nancy Pelosi and her cronies to the curb.

    God Bless,
    Alek for Oregon
    Alek Skarlatos
    Republican for Congress

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