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Ted Pankiewicz

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Happy Monday!!
Only 50 Days until Election Day!! We NEED to step up our game!!

And speaking of games...the NFL resumed play this past weekend. Not to a roar, nor even a whisper, but to the sounds of silence. Empty and near-empty stadiums will have that effect. Even more profound was the loud booing heard as the traditional playing of the National Anthem was accompanied by the playing of the so-called "black national anthem."

The NFL previously rose to a position as a powerhouse in American culture. It was rightly known as the league that wrested Sunday away from the churches. The league carefully maintained its public image for decades, until 2016 happened. Colin Kaepernick decided to sit, then kneel through the National Anthem in protest of police, judicial, and correctional treatment of black criminals and racial injustice in general. NFL owners perceived that Kaepernick's position was bad for business, and Kaepernick swiftly found himself unemployed and unemployable due to his demand to utter speech on his employer's time that would be inimical to his employer's message. While Kaepernick was protesting, so were NFL patrons, and in-stadium attendance rapidly dropped, as did television viewer ratings.

It seems that the NFL owners have forgotten the lessons of 2016, because in light of the BLM- and Antifa-inspired rioting of the summer of 2020, the owners are now not only allowing but encouraging the NFL players to carry out Kaepernick-like protests during pre-game National Anthem ceremonies this season, which includes the institutionalizing of the so-called "black national anthem." And the response of the fans is predictable. Television viewership is down, in double-digit percentages. Even though very few fans are allowed to attend games, and live attendance is allowed in only a very few cities, those tickets are easier to come by than one would predict, and not just because the ticket holders are virus-wary. The fans are protesting back, in the only way they can. They are ignoring the NFL owners' product. As inconceivable as it may seem to some, over 30 billionaires in the same business - presumed business experts all - have uniformly completely misread their market, and will post record losses in the name of political correctness. And at some point, they will figure out that nobody cares....

And locally...


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From Republican Veterans Club:
Next Meeting Monday, Sept. 14, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM @ CJ Cannon's Restaurant; Lunch is $20. Speaker is Erin Grall, FL Rep. Dist. 54.

 Joe Saul
Secretary Indian River County REC




Joe Saul
Indian River County Republican Executive Committee



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