From David Seymour <[email protected]>
Subject Labour is in la-la land
Date September 7, 2020 8:47 AM
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Dear Jack

Labour is in la-la land. With the economy in recession, they’re offering voters a holiday. It’s cynical, superficial, populist, and it treats voters like kids. But the mainstream media ooh and ahh, saying it’s ‘smart’.

We need your support to push back. While the media coo over voodoo economics, a growing majority of voters are responding to ACT’s digital advertising.

Will you help by donating to support ACT’s online campaign? Please click here to donate now. <[link removed]>

Businesses are fighting for survival, 70,000 workers have lost their jobs, our kids face a mountain of debt, and Labour’s first idea of the election campaign is a new holiday.

New Zealanders don't need another day off – we need Labour to take three years off.

Another public holiday is a new tax on business – it will cost at least $150 million. We should be supporting innovators and job creators to rebuild our economy, not piling on new costs.

ACT helped defeat Labour’s capital gains tax and hate speech legislation. With your support, we’ll hold them accountable again and let New Zealanders know that Labour doesn’t have a plan for recovery. <[link removed]> Each dollar you contribute is another voter we can reach on social media.

Labour is treating voters like children.

It’s time to focus on the real issues facing our country and treat New Zealanders like adults. We need a clear roadmap to recovery so we can rebuild our economy and people’s lives. ACT is providing that plan.

On Covid-19, we’d learn from the best in the world, with a coordinated response from an Epidemic Response Unit, treating other countries according to risk, using better technology, and committing to constant improvement.

We would invest in SMEs and workers by reducing the 30% tax rate to 17.5% to get money in people’s pockets and by implementing a 12-month GST holiday to boost spending. We would bring back 90-day trials and hit pause on minimum wage increases and new regulations.

We need to get our way of life back.

ACT has set out a clear roadmap to recovery. Can you help us tell more voters about it? <[link removed]> Every dollar you contribute makes a difference.

Yours sincerely

ACT Leader

David Seymour


ACT New Zealand - 27 Gillies Ave, Suite 2.5, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

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