From Mason Leschyna <[email protected]>
Subject Essex PPC September Update
Date September 6, 2020 8:24 PM
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A lot has happened since our last update (almost none of it good).

Governments have taken the unprecedented step of shutting down our country and in the process bankrupted countless individuals and businesses while destroying our economy. They have also imposed radical restrictions infringing upon our constitutional rights and freedoms (with their coronavirus lockdown) as well as attempted a massive seizure of lawfully owned private property (with their ideologically driven gun grab). Finally, the Liberals have racked up over $350,000,000,000.00 dollars of debt (that's billions with a massive "B" and works out to approximately $10,000.00 for every single Canadian)!

In the mean time, Justin Trudeau has continued being Justin Trudeau by attempting to hand out almost $1 billion dollars in government largess to his friends at WE Charity who have in turn paid Justin and his family hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees. While Liberal scandals and crony capitalism are a dime a dozen, the closure of a minority parliament by Justin Trudeau while he was being investigated by that same parliament takes things to an entirely new level (imagine the media outcry had Harper done that). This man should not be trusted to manage a piggy bank, much less the country!

While the Liberals have been busy doling out billions of your dollars, the Conservatives have elected a new leader who has made the very non-conservative decision that, if elected, he would attempt to eliminate the deficit over approximately a decade. Even if this was an acceptable time-frame (it's not), this promise could only conceivably be fulfilled after winning three straight elections. We all know that you can't hold most politicians to their promises one year later, let alone ten! It's clear that the Conservatives are still not serious about being conservative or reducing the size of government. They are afraid to stand up for what is right and would rather take the path of promising to be Liberal-lite in an attempt to gain power.

The PPC and I remain dedicated to fighting for you! We know that what Canadians need is less government and more freedom. We know that we can't spend endlessly and leave our children indebted forever. We know that we need to fight against the radical left's identity politics which focuses on differences while pitting Canadians against each other and instead celebrate what unites us. We know that fighting for what is right is harder than doing what is expedient but we also know that it is worth it. We are here for the long run and we will never stop fighting for you!

I know these are hard times but we need your support now than ever so we can start spreading the word about the PPC once again and begin pushing back against our ever-encroaching government. Can you please consider making a donation or becoming a recurring donor <[link removed]>? Any amount helps and you will qualify for a 75% rebate on your first $400 of donations every calendar year (this means that a $400 donation only costs you $100 while a $100 donation only costs you $25).

As well, please watch for upcoming emails about our rescheduled AGM as well as the start of a candidate selection process and please consider putting your name forward as a local volunteer or candidate. Together we can stand up and reclaim our freedoms while bringing common sense back to our government.

Mason Leschyna
President, Essex PPC Association
[email protected]
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Essex PPC Association - 442 Leffler Dr, Tecumseh, ON N8N 4Y2, Canada
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