Hello John,

We are only less than 60 days to the election and about 35 days from sending out the first ballots. It is true that our campaign has been slowed down because of the current situation and the requirements to get on the voters’ pamphlet which we achieved, but we are planning to give it our full energy until the election.

We have noble goals and we are determined.


The bipartisan divisive policy

In the past few weeks, we witnessed an increased divisive political behavior on almost everything. The level of public distraction is getting stronger every day. Despite the bipartisan practical agreement on every major bad policy that hurt the left and right equally, because of the disconnection, an increasing number from the left views the right as the enemy, and the opposite is also true.

I deeply believe that without connecting with each other, without dissolving the labeling barrier, and without unity we as a country and society will continue to collapse, “divided we fall”. I personally refuse to be labeled and refuse to confine my circles to one side of the spectrum. I ask for different opinions to learn, connect, and understand because I can always be wrong no matter how sharp I am.


Touring the State


We are planning to visit every city in the next 50 days. Our tour would be on the weekends. Please let us if you would like to help us organize an event in your town, or if you have any suggestions about your town.


Campaign Ads

Video ads are one of the most effective tools for promoting ideas and campaigns. In the next two weeks, we will be considering what issues and promoting tools we will go with. We appreciate your suggestions. You can reply directly to this email or to ([email protected]).



We usually refrain ourselves from asking for contributions, especially in the current economic situation, however, campaigning is expensive. So, if you were planning to chip in, then the time is now. Contribution Link.



Ibra Taher

Green for US Senate 2020


P.O.Box: 1715, Eugene, Oregon, 97440.

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