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Did you know that you can complete the 2020 Census Questionnaire for your household in just 10 minutes? Now more than ever it is crucial that Louisiana gets its fair share of federal funding. All you need are the names, birthdates and a few basic details about each person who lives with you.


When you complete the census, you are helping to ensure your community gets all the funding it needs to tackle COVID-19.


Information from the census is also used to determine how many federal dollars your community receives for infrastructure projects, education, food security programs and more.  These are your tax dollars, but unless you fill out your census, these dollars will not come back to your community. 



Once you complete your census, can you make a donation to help us reach all of Louisiana?  Our mission remains the same, to ensure that Louisianians have the government they deserve -- one that puts the people first, is transparent, and is accountable.


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Thank you for helping make sure all communities in Louisiana get our fair share.

In service,

Governor John Bel Edwards


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