From Hillary Kane, Green Party of the United States <[email protected]>
Subject One Week From Today...
Date September 3, 2020 11:02 PM
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Dear Friend,

Greens across the country are campaigning in exceptionally difficult conditions at a time when we need Greens in office more than ever. We want to lift up these Green campaigns and so we're happy to announce the first in a series of GreenWave Candidate Showcases that will livestream one week from this evening at 9pm ET on Thursday, September 10th!

Please give to the Green Party today if you want to have more opportunities to learn about how our candidates are demanding transformational change at every level of government. <[link removed]> Our ability to provide strategic training, support and resources to candidates depends on your grassroots contribution!

We'll have the candidate guest list for next Thursday's livestream for you soon. We're very excited about who we have confirmed so far! You'll want to mark your calendar...

As the Labor Day Weekend approaches we hope you are able to spend time with loved ones or in other ways that are fulfilling to you. Everyday people put their lives on the line to fight for "Eight Hours of Work, Eight Hours of Sleep and Eight Hours of What You Will", defeating the relentless, crushing shifts that were the norm of the day. Winning that demand changed the lives of millions. We are proud of the Green Party national staff union’s affiliation with the IWW.

Green candidates are out there fighting for the necessary demands of our day: protections for "gig" workers; universal needs like healthcare, housing and schooling; more equitable sharing of this society's wealth through higher wages and more leisure time for all.

Your contribution to the Green Party builds the only national party committed to People, Planet and Peace Over Profit. <[link removed]> We run every day, every year, against two parties of War and Wall Street who seek to destroy any challenge to their cartel. Give today. <[link removed]> You are all that stands in their way.

DONATE <[link removed]>In Solidarity,

Hillary Kane


Green Party of The United States

P.S. Our Monthly Sustainers are heroes. Their monthly contributions are the oxygen of our organizing efforts. Be a hero and sign up as a Monthly Sustainer today, at whatever giving level is best for you. <[link removed]> Thank you to all of our current Monthly Sustainers and all who are able to join them! <[link removed]>


Green Party of the United States - PO Box 75075, Washington, DC 20013, United States

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