Our small businesses are the heart and soul of New York City.

They’re hanging on by a thread, and we need to continue doing everything we can to help keep them running.

So the last thing that restaurants across the city need right now is for billion-dollar tech companies to charge exorbitant processing fees on the delivery orders keeping these businesses afloat.

That’s why this week, the New York City Council put a hard stop on these onerous fees for the remainder of the pandemic.

By extending the cap on delivery fees that third party platforms can charge and preventing these platforms from charging for phone orders that don’t result in a food order, we’re easing the financial burden for thousands of city businesses.

And we’re keeping these rules in place until restaurants can resume indoor dining at full capacity and get back on their feet. It’s the right thing to do.

We will continue looking for ways to help New York’s restaurants and small businesses stay afloat while we fight this pandemic, but our small businesses need more than what the City Council alone can do.

Our economy will not come back to full strength until we beat this virus. That’s why we need significant federal action from Washington to fight the virus and provide crucial economic relief in the months ahead.

I will continue using my voice to lead that fight.

— Corey

Corey Johnson
NYC Council Speaker