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The Friends for John Carney Campaign may accept contributions from individuals, corporations, labor organizations, partnerships, and other entities up to $1,200 per election period. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Only individuals who are American citizens or permanent resident aliens that reside in the United States may contribute. In addition, only corporations who are incorporated in the United States, who utilize U.S. proceeds for the contribution, and for which the decision to contribute was made by an American citizen or permanent resident alien may contribute.

Contributions from corporations, companies, organizations, incorporated or unincorporated associations, general or limited partnerships, or other entities that contribute must: include the full names and mailing addresses of all individuals who own a legal or equitable interest of 50% or greater in that entity, or notify us that no such person exists (the entity’s contribution is allocated pro-rata to identified persons, subject to limits); include a responsible party if the aggregate amount of contributions during the election period exceeds $100; and include the following form (

Checks should be made payable to Friends For John Carney and mailed to:
Friends for John Carney, P. O. Box 2162, Wilmington, DE 19899

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Friends for John Carney
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