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Subject Great changes are afoot!
Date August 31, 2019 4:03 PM
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Dear friends and supporters,
Over the last two years, Generation Identity UK has campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness of replacement-level migration, what Identitarians call the Great Replacement.
In that time, we’ve received an unprecedented amount of media interest and have introduced the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish to a new style of metapolitical activism.
With the ideas and theories of the European New Right guiding us, we’ve rapidly grown and professionalised, which is why we’ll now be advancing as a more mature and focussed Identitarian Movement.
Independent of any external organisations or influences, we’ll be free to act swiftly and decisively throughout the British Isles, advancing the cause of Identitarianism in a way that is most culturally and geopolitically suited to our nations and peoples.
Huge strives towards this transformation have already been made, but there’s much work left to do. With your help, we will peacefully ensure a future for our ethno-cultures.
Benjamin Jones
Leader of the Identitarian Movement GB & IRE  
Identitarians – Voices of Dissent
Activists from across England courageously proclaimed the reality of the Great Replacement and the damage it has done to our nations and peoples. Our activists have shown that if they can do it, so can you. The time to get active is now!  
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Patriots in the Navy? A Response to Hope not Hate
  A response to Hope not Hate's pitiful expose from Leader of the Identitarian Movement UK, Ben Jones.  
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Hopeless Infiltrator Fails to Find Hate
  As you may be aware, an individual connected to Hope not Hate has infiltrated our organisation. Specifically, they became a member of the Identitarian Foundation, gaining limited access to several Telegram messenger chats. Although we have stringent measures in place for new recruits, we have always been aware that an event such as this was inevitable, only being a matter of time...  
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