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Subject Betsy DeVos is at it again
Date August 20, 2020 9:06 PM
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Add your name now and demand that billionaire Betsy DeVos resign!
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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Betsy DeVos was one of the worst education secretaries in history. Why? There's a whole litany of reasons: Among them is the fact that she sided with for-profit schools and against the student borrowers who had been scammed by them - and the fact that she rolled back important Title IX protections, making it harder for victims of sexual harassment to get justice.

But recently, DeVos has stooped even lower than usual. She's now putting children and teachers in harm's way by recklessly pushing schools to reopen without proper precautions, even in places with surging COVID-19 cases. If DeVos has her way, hundreds of thousands of children could come to school with COVID-19, which could infect teachers and staff and widen the net of those vulnerable to contracting COVID-19.

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We understand the desire to open schools. They are essential providers not just of education but also of childcare, and they are therefore essential to returning our economy to normal. But DeVos's "just open the schools" approach is not the way to go about it. If we want to open schools, we need to give schools the resources to open safely. Right now, teachers aren't even allowed to open windows and doors to promote circulation - which is critical for reducing infection risk - because that would break school shooting protocols. By putting teachers back in classrooms with no additional tools or safeguards, we will be putting them in an impossible situation.

As the top education official in our country, Betsy DeVos ought to know all of this, and she ought to be acting to improve the situation, but she isn't. That's why we're demanding Betsy DeVos resign immediately - but we need your help. We're asking 15 more people from [[ZIP/your area]] to add their names before midnight - but your name is missing!

We're counting on you to make a difference by demanding Betsy DeVos resign:

Sign the petition to demand Betsy DeVos resign!

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