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Subject Weekly update from Campaign Against Antisemitism
Date August 16, 2020 5:03 PM
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This week’s updates from Campaign Against Antisemitism

This week’s updates from Campaign Against Antisemitism
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Before you read this week’s update, we would like to ask you to sign two Parliamentary petitions, and then ask ten of your friends to sign too. If we get enough signatures, the Government must respond to these petitions and Parliament may even have to debate them.

The first petition calls for regulation of social media companies, requiring them to remove hatred swiftly. A new law to do this is already planned, but as things stand, the new law will not come in for around four years. We are asking that the new law is passed by next summer. We have waited long enough for social networks to be forced to act. Sign the first petition now here ([link removed][UNIQID]) .

The second petition seeks reforms to the process by which honours (such as MBEs) are removed, and that they are automatically removed from racists such as Wiley. Sign the second petition now here ([link removed][UNIQID]) .

Please ask at least ten friends to sign too. You may wish to use this simple e-mail template
(mailto:?subject=Please%20join%20me%20in%20signing%20these%20petitions&body=Dear%20friends%2C%0A%0AI%20hope%20that%20you%20will%20not%20mind%20me%20asking%20you%20to%20join%20me%20in%20signing%20two%20Parliamentary%20petitions%20against%20racism.%0A%0AIf%20we%20get%20enough%20signatures%2C%20the%20Government%20must%20respond%20to%20these%20petitions%20and%20Parliament%20may%20even%20have%20to%20debate%20them.%0A%0AIn%20the%20wake%20of%20the%20racism%20spewed%20by%20Wiley%20on%20social%20media%20in%20the%20past%20couple%20of%20weeks%2C%20I%20hope%20that%20you%20will% .

** This week’s updates
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** Urban Dictionary removes antisemitic definitions of “anti-Zionism” after campaign by CAA and allies, but offensive definitions continue to be reposted
Friday, 14th August, 18:44

Urban Dictionary, the online crowd-sourced dictionary of slang words, has deleted antisemitic definitions of “anti-Zionism” following a campaign by online activists, including Campaign Against Antisemitism. However, while “anti-Zionist” has no definitions and several antisemitic definitions of “anti-Zionism” have been removed and replaced by new, more accurate definitions, a new offensive definition has also arisen. There is also a new offensive definition of “Zionism”. During the […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** It took a week, but Gateshead Council is today removing graffiti after being alerted by CAA and Shomrim
Friday, 14th August, 18:27

Gateshead Council has removed offensive anti-Jewish graffiti from a building site today. The graffiti was spotted a week ago on Bensham Road in Gateshead and was reported by Gateshead Shomrim, the Jewish volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol. Campaign Against Antisemitism then reported the graffiti to Gateshead Council, which has now, after a week, removed it. Campaign Against […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** CAA hails “positive start” as Ivors Academy resolves to establish Ethics Committee to review past awards following our call for Wiley’s 2019 Ivors Inspiration Award to be rescinded
Thursday, 13th August, 18:56

Campaign Against Antisemitism has welcomed as a “positive start” the Ivors Academy’s announcement that it shall be establishing an Ethics Committee to review past awards, after we called on the professional association for music creators to rescind Wiley’s 2019 Ivors Inspiration Award following the grime artist’s antisemitic rampage on social media. Joe Glasman, an award-winning composer, Ivors […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** Editor of The Canary compares Israel to the Nazis, in breach of International Definition of Antisemitism
Thursday, 13th August, 18:16

The editor of The Canary, a controversial hard-left blog, has compared Israel to the Nazis in a tweet. Kerry-Ann Mendoza, whose website is under investigation by the Government’s Independent Advisor on Antisemitism, wrote: “Jewish families were once dragged from their homes so Nazi families could move in. It wasn’t wrong because of the ethnicity of the victims. It was wrong because […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** TikTok becomes latest social media platform to delete Wiley’s account
Thursday, 13th August, 18:10

TikTok has become the latest social media platform to delete Wiley’s account. The move comes following a multi-day antisemitic tirade by the grime artist, a global 48-hour walkout from social media in protest at technology companies’ toleration of antisemitism on their platforms, and a successful effort by Campaign Against Antisemitism and others to pressure Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to remove Wiley from their networks. We […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** Holocaust denier David Irving praised by American activist Norman Finkelstein at pro-Corbyn meeting, where David Miller also continued venomously targeting Jewish charities
Thursday, 13th August, 12:48

The controversial American activist Norman Finkelstein praised Holocaust denier David Irving at a pro-Corbyn meeting of Labour Against the Witch-Hunt, an antisemitism-denial group of former and expelled Labour members. Mr Finkelstein described Mr Irving as a “very good historian” who “knew a thing, or two or three.” He reportedly went on to say: “I don’t see the reason […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** Urban Dictionary’s Twitter bot reveals website’s promotion of antisemitism to the world
Wednesday, 12th August, 15:41

The robotic Twitter handle of the online crowd-sourced dictionary of slang words known Urban Dictionary has promoted an antisemitic entry on the website about “anti-Zionism”. If someone sends the Twitter handle a term that features on the controversial website, it will automatically provide a screenshot of the definition. A Twitter user asked the handle to provide a definition […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** Elderly patient reportedly ‘hit’ by hospital worker “after being identified as Jewish”
Wednesday, 12th August, 13:49

An elderly hospital patient was reportedly ‘hit’ by a healthcare worker “after being identified as Jewish”, according to the JC. The alleged incident took place at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, and was reported to the newspaper by a fellow Jewish patient, who claimed that the worker had identified the two Jewish patients to the others in the […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** New report shows worrying levels of antisemitism in Britain’s Muslim community, including higher levels among the university-educated
Wednesday, 12th August, 11:33

A new report has revealed worrying levels of antisemitism in Britain’s Muslim community. The report, authored by Dr Rakib Ehsan, showed that: 34% of British Muslims polled thought that Jews have too much control over the global banking system; 33% believed that Jews have too much control over the global political leadership; and 44% thought that British Jews […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** Woman behind Jeremy Corbyn legal fund is involved with a company that aims to “end the politicisation of Jewish suffering”
Tuesday, 11th August, 18:17

The JC is reporting that the woman behind a crowdfunder that has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for Jeremy Corbyn’s legal expenses is involved with a company that aims to “end the politicisation of Jewish suffering”. According to Companies House, Carole Morgan, who set up the crowdfunder on Go Fund Me, is one of two persons with significant control over Truth […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** CAA sounds alarm over black-shirted paramilitary group in South London led by a man who rails against ‘Zionist bloodlines’
Tuesday, 11th August, 18:11

A group of black-shirted activists in South London gathered to march on the first day of August, which marks African Emancipation Day, to call for Britain to pay reparations for its role in the transatlantic slave trade. The group, calling itself the Forever Family Force, was formed last month, apparently modelled on the militant Black Panthers, in […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** CAA part of global coalition of 140 groups calling on Facebook to adopt International Definition of Antisemitism just as the social media giant says it “wants to listen and learn”
Tuesday, 11th August, 18:09

Campaign Against Antisemitism is among 140 groups calling on Facebook to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism just as Facebook told the Chief Rabbi that it “wants to listen”. In an open letter to the technology company’s board of directors, the international coalition called on Facebook “to implement a hate speech policy on antisemitism that includes the […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** Virtual Zoom shiva for grieving husband disrupted by neo-Nazis broadcasting antisemitic messages and images of swastikas and Hitler
Tuesday, 11th August, 16:01

A virtual Zoom shiva for a grieving husband mourning his late wife was disrupted by neo-Nazis broadcasting antisemitic messages and images of swastikas and Hitler. The shiva, a period of mourning following a funeral, was “Zoom-bombed” by neo-Nazis on Wednesday evening, shortly after the funeral took place. According to the JC, attendees described it as “horrific” and “an […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

** Man who told Jewish student “I’m a German — we should have gassed the f***ing lot of you” reportedly identified after media appeal
Sunday, 9th August, 17:59

A Jewish student who videoed a couple after one of them told her “We should have gassed the lot of you” has posted on Facebook that she believes the perpetrator has been identified. In the course of an altercation about seating at The Hedley Verity pub in Leeds, Danielle Greyman was told that she looks […] Continue reading ([link removed][UNIQID])

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