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Subject July, 2020 Florida County Republican Registrations Report
Date August 6, 2020 4:05 PM
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Dear John,
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July, 2020, Florida County Republican Registrations Report and Elections Analysis
┬ęStephen R. Meyer, Vero Beach, Florida, August, 2020
Issued 08/05/20

* There were roughly 12 weeks from the end of July to the early voting period of
the 2020 election.
* In July, Republican registrations in Florida, relative to Democrat registrations,
improved by a relatively strong 23,288 registrations. This leaves the Democrats
with a 241,753 relative registration advantage (See attached chart and tables for
the details of this and other related items).
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* July 20th was the last day to change party designation for the Florida primary
elections. In counties where one party politically dominates the county, and owing
to the primary election often determining who will hold elected office in Florida,
it is not an uncommon practice for voters in these counties to change party affiliation
for the primary election. This may have affected July registrations numbers in particular
counties, but the guess is that the registration changes of the two major parties
would tend to offset each other on a statewide basis.
One of the more fascinating and pertinent attributes of the on-going rioting in
the Democrat controlled cities and states are how quickly property owners lose the
legal protection of their properties. In some cities affected by the riots, citizens
who sought to self-enforce their property rights have actually had their guns confiscated
and been arrested. The effort to defund the police, or reduce police budgets, aligns
with the rioting as the efforts to financially stress police departments ultimately
diminish the enforcement of property rights. The reason the discussion of property
is included in this report is owing to property related parameters correlate well
with political trends taking place in the various Florida Counties.
Whose responsibility is it to enforce property rights? Since property titles are
the responsibility of county governments, enforcement should be the responsibility
of the county. Having the counties responsible for protecting property rights could
possible help those unfortunate property owners whose property is in the jurisdiction
of leftist mayors.
For future Republican election success, it is helpful to appreciate, as the left
does, the political significance of poor private property rights and the exclusion
of people from the ranks of those who are propertied. (Note: Democrats realize outsized
political gains when rental housing is created. Rental housing is so politically
advantageous for Democrats that it takes the creation of four owner-occupied homes
for Republicans to offset the political gains made by the Democrats in the creation
of each rental unit). President Trump's Administration's recent negating of the
Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) program (which Democrat Presidential
Nominee Biden supports) is a much needed step in the right direction.
One observation that is readily discerned from this report is the great variation
that exists in county political orientations and county vote trends. Variation suggests
missed opportunities. Perhaps the most glaring example of missed opportunities is
seen in the change that has taken place in the Florida Congressional Delegations
as of late;

* The 112th Florida Congressional Delegation (2011-2012) consisted of 19 Republicans
and 6 Democrats (76% Republican)
* The 116th Florida Congressional Delegation (2019-2020) consisted of 14 Republicans
and 13 Democrats (52% Republican)
I had the privilege to recently present to a group in Polk County. A rough analysis
was made to determine the potential political gains Polk County Republicans could
expect by fully utilizing the building permitting process.

* Polk County, determined by extrapolating 2018 permitting out to 2019 and 2020,
would have had roughly 13,000 building permits issued following the 2018 election.
* If these units had all been slated to be owner-occupied housing, Republican registrations
(and votes) relative to Democrat registrations (and votes) would have realized a
permanent increase of 9,600 votes once the housing was occupied.
* In this same time period the actual gains in Republican voter registrations relative
to Democrat registrations was a more than respectable 3,640 (the fourth highest
performing Florida County in this regard at the time).
* By foregoing adding the strategy of affecting building permits, Polk County has
missed out on a huge opportunity to grow their Republican base by nearly 6,000 more
Polk County Republicans cannot be blamed for missing an opportunity they were unfamiliar
with. How might RECs across Florida start to take advantage of the property system
to further Republican interests?
RECs experience a significant ramp up in activity as elections near and then they
experience a big drop-off in activity following elections. RECs also often times
reorganize following elections and don't get up to speed until well into the next
election cycle. This period following the election may be an opportune time to adopt
efforts to influence the building permit mix within the counties (the fewer the
rentals, the greater the home ownership, the better it is for Republicans).
Currently Florida has a 35% rental rate. Let's copy the leftist strategy of naming
their efforts. The proposal is 25 X 2025 (25 by 25); 25% rental rate by the year
2025! Let's promote more people escaping from being under the thumb of a landlord
and building equity instead of throwing their money away on rents! Please keep in
mind the political power of private property as candidates for elected office and
REC leadership positions are vetted.
Steve Meyer, Indian River County REC Member
Contact Information:
Phone or text; 772-713-8265
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Joe Saul
Secretary Indian River County REC [[link removed]]


Joe Saul
Indian River County Republican Executive Committee

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