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Subject Asheville Continues Its Downward Spiral. But, there is good news you need to know!
Date August 4, 2020 9:00 AM
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Election 2020. Your Guide To The Most Important Policy Issues View this in your browser. Once you get past the Asheville to Trashville section, you will see that positive things are afoot. However, the 'crisis' is far from over. November is coming and our elections are at risk. Get involved or we will lose this exceptional nation! Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom, and then lost it, have never known it again. President Ronald Reagan Hurricane Warning Hurricane Warning Issued as Tropical Storm Isaias Takes Aim at Carolinas, East Coast If you live on the East Coast: Please make sure you keep up to date on updates. Be safe! Asheville to Trashville George Floyd Hologram Projected on Shrouded Vance Monument Asheville protesters march on Interstate 240; police shut down roads downtown Asheville, Buncombe County Schools will allow student-athletes to kneel during national anthem Asheville reparations set to expand to surrounding county Remember ... How ‘Wokeness’ Is a Product of Marxism. Asheville is full steam ahead! Some News To Smile About Is This Light at the End of the Tunnel ... Fantastic Ad from President Trump. Banned by You Tube. Post it everywhere! [link removed] Players on the Pittsburg Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers refused to take a knee during the performance of the US national anthem this week; making the NHL the only league where athletes refused to kneel to promote “social justice” in America. STANDING PROUD: NHL Players stand together in solidarity during performance of the US National Anthem YES!! Wonderful news! Happy dance! Ratings Crash for NBA, MLB After Protest-Filled Debuts (There are thousands of comments following this news. Please leave one too! We are fed up!) Victor Davis Hanson: America Has Chance To Save Itself Thanks to 3 Woke Industries That Just Suicided US Manufacturing Soars to 15-Month High: ISM First-time gun ownership skyrockets amid riots, increased violence across country: 'You can't really be too safe' Mike Pence Ignites Police Crowd with Rousing Speech: 'Law Enforcement Is the Solution' Trump: U.S. should get 'substantial portion' of TikTok operations sale price This should really make you smile ... [email protected] signed an Executive Order today that takes steps to prevent American workers from being displaced by foreign workers. Ending fraud and abuse of the H-1B system and protecting American workers are top priorities of @USDOL and the Administration. #HireAmerican (That is really going to send the RINOs and Demonic Rats through the roof!) 7 Woke Rebellions in America’s Newsrooms. This is indeed good! Journalists had enough too?! Culture War Heats Up. Socialism Failures On Full Display. Democrats’ ‘War Game’ for Election Includes West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War Video: Seattle police chief implores council to do what is right after protesters visit her home Minneapolis Police Advise Residents To Cooperate with Criminals, 'Be Prepared To Give Up' Property Do unborn black lives matter to Black Lives Matter? Apparently not. Pro-Life Students Arrested For Writing ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ On Sidewalk Outside Of DC Planned Parenthood BACKLASH BUILDS: De Blasio in Hot-Water After Admitting City Skipped Permit Process to Paint BLM Murals THANKS DE BLASIO! City Slashes Sanitation Pick-Ups 60%, Rotting Garbage Overflows on to Streets US Historic First NASA astronauts splash down in SpaceX capsule as historic mission returns to Earth Wu Hu Flu Debacle Important Read! The American Mind: The Covid Coup White House considering unilateral actions with coronavirus aid bill stuck in Congress Fauci Is A Deep State Fraud Dr. Fauci Now Suggesting People Wear Eye Goggles, Face Shields To Ward Off Coronavirus The virtue signaling, intolerance for other viewpoints and general insanity in our culture mostly driven by the left has somehow centered around the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s coronavirus safety recommendations, making violence against those who refuse to comply almost a commonplace occurrence. Video: Man Opens Fire Because Mother and Son Weren't Social Distancing, Police Say In the Face of Pandemic School Closures, It’s Time to Act – It’s Time for School Choice Now | American Center for Law and Justice Voter Fraud: Mail-In Ballots. Single Most Critical Threat to Election 2020 VIP: NC State Board of Elections Memo: 7 Ways To Steal Elections Breitbart News: Donald Trump Challenges Nevada Mail-in Voting Stunt: ‘See You in Court!’ NYP: Liberals can’t deny the complications of counting mail-in ballots Video Interview: Universal Mail-In Ballots Threaten the Integrity of Our Elections: Hans von Spakovsky Election 2020 Your Guide to the Most Important Policy Issues Heritage Foundation: How do you win over friends and neighbors to conservative policy positions on every important topic we face? How can candidates convince voters that conservative solutions work? The answer to both is in Heritage’s newly released “Solutions 2020.” This biennial publication started out as a guide for lawmakers and candidates. But it now has a broader mission in the face of the unprecedented attacks from the left: to arm all conservatives with the facts, with easily digestible policy solutions, and even the best “power phrases” to use when talking about the issues. And this year’s new digital format makes it easier than ever to access the information. See it for yourself at our Solutions 2020 website. Even With Removing Margaret Sanger’s Name, Planned Parenthood Is Still Influenced by Racist Founder Deep State Corruption Big Tech's Censorship Is Now Worse Than Ever More Spy Hubs: China's Espionage on US Soil Goes Deeper Than Houston Facebook Bans Page That Shared Videos Of Ex-Muslims Discussing How They Were Persecuted For Leaving Islam ................................................................................................................................................................ Congress is now debating a further coronavirus relief package. Conservatives must stand strong against the Left’s attempt to include radical policies. Corona Virus Relief Package Alert! If conservatives cave to their litany of demands, our country’s economy could plummet while sending our debt sky-high. We must stand firm and ensure our children have a bright future, not a stagnant economy and massive tax bill. How can you help? Check out our coronavirus toolkit to learn how to advocate for responsible policy. Socialized Medicine ... This time by Executive Orders Updates from Last Week! Fact Checking on Trump's Price Control Executive Order Video: Cutting Drug Prices? What You Need To Know - Steve Forbes | What's Ahead | Forbes Regulatory Action Center Review NEW #RAC | Regulatory Action Center Review! Trump Unveils Four Drug Pricing Executive Orders Sen. Jim Inhofe Threatens FCC Commissioner O’Rielly's Nomination #BigTech Takes Capitol Hill EPA Proposes Emissions Standards for Aircrafts #DontSocializeMyMedicine #FixPatientsNotPrices #DontImportSocialism ATP and FreedomWorks activists invested much time, effort, energy and capitol last spring and summer to make sure the US House and Senate did not approve of socialized medicine. We met with legislators, both House and Senate, lobbied in DC, had rallies and sign waves. Now, disappointed to say that President Trump has decided to approve of this socialized medicine scheme via executive orders :( The only good news is that there will be a delay in the implementation of this order for one month. ATP will be sending out Action Alerts to our activists shortly on this to hopefully sway the Trump administration to reconsider. Thank You for Your Support for Constitutionally Conservative Candidates and #BlueLivesMatter Click here for Kimber 9mm raffle, Thank You, Law Enforcement yard signs, Trump masks and hats, Women for Trump NC shirts and hats, and more. ‌ ‌ Find us, Like Us and Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter. ATP | P.O. Box 1065, Skyland, NC 28776 Unsubscribe [email protected] Update Profile | About our service provider Sent by [email protected] powered by Try email marketing for free today!
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