From Ilyse G. Hogue, NARAL Pro-Choice America <[email protected]>
Subject The woman who’s going to take on Mike Pence
Date August 1, 2020 3:31 PM
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NARAL Pro-Choice America

You’ve probably seen the news: Joe Biden is set to name his pick for vice
president this week.

But while pundits clamor over which woman he’s going to choose, this is
what I’m thinking about: Every single one of them is a champion for
reproductive freedom who will add to a winning ticket and be the polar
opposite of Vice President Mike Pence.

Though Donald Trump makes most of the headlines, for those of us paying
attention, it’s been clear Pence has been a key source of anti-choice
fervor and this administration’s near-daily attacks on reproductive
freedom all along. And over the last four years, he’s shown just how
powerful and important a motivated vice president can be.

The contrast between the women on Biden's VP shortlist and Pence couldn't
be starker. Having a pro-choice — and yes, ambitious — woman as vice
president won’t just make history… it won’t just help us win in November…
it will turn the tide for reproductive freedom in this country.

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we can do everything possible to elect candidates up and down the ballot
who will fight for our freedom. Will you donate $15 to become
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Having spent his career on a crusade against everything we stand for —
including abortion rights, access to affordable birth control, the health
and safety of the LGBTQ+ community, and the ability to make decisions
about our own bodies — it’s fair to say that Pence is obsessed with
attacking reproductive freedom.

And he has the record to back it up: signing every abortion restriction
bill that passed his desk as governor of Indiana, casting the deciding
vote on a bill to let states block family planning funding from going to
abortion providers, and saying he “long[s] for the day that Roe v. Wade is
sent to the ash heap of history.”^1,2,3

We’ve seen the damage a vice president with Mike Pence’s fanatical
anti-choice agenda can do in the White House — that’s why we’re going to
work around the clock for the next 94 days to replace him with a
passionate leader who shares our agenda. And we can do it — with your

[ [link removed] ]So I’m asking, John: Will you donate $15 to become a
Founding Donor of our 2020 Reproductive Freedom Fund today?


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Ilyse Hogue
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America




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playbook, The Guardian, Jul. 19, 2016.
 2. [ [link removed] ]Pence breaks tie in Senate vote targeting Planned Parenthood
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