From Stephen, (2) <[email protected]>
Subject FWD: USPS under attack
Date July 30, 2020 6:41 PM
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John, did you see Paul's message?

Trickle-downers like Donald Trump are doing everything they can to bankrupt the U.S. Postal Service and eliminate critical services for people across the country.

Undermining the U.S Postal Service threatens the livelihoods of nearly 600,000 Postal Service workers. Doing so in the middle of a global pandemic and economic collapse is reckless and will undoubtedly deepen and prolong this crisis. For millions of Americans who rely on government programs to put food on their tables and a roof over their heads, disrupting mail delivery will lead to destitution.

If mail delivery is totally left to private corporations, customers will be slammed with higher prices and fewer routes to rural areas. This would be catastrophic, especially considering that millions of people rely on the Postal Service to cast their votes.

That's why we joined a petition to show that Americans support the USPS. We set a goal of getting 10,000 signatures before midnight tonight, and we still need 1,098 more people to sign on. Will you help us hit our goal and save the Postal Service?

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Thank you for taking action.


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From: Paul, Civic Action
Date: Wed, Jul 29, 2020
Subject: The USPS is being ATTACKED

The U.S. Postal Service supports and strengthens our communities. It is vital for everyday functions like paying bills, receiving paychecks, voting, and ordering necessities like prescriptions, especially during the pandemic. But all of that could be in jeopardy because trickle-downers want to let the USPS go bankrupt.

Many right-wingers have long hated the Postal Service because they hate the idea of any government-run service. To help kill it, they've placed onerous restrictions designed to cause the USPS to fail. If that happens, the USPS's important functions, and the 600,000 jobs it provides, will be lost.

That's why we're reaching out. If we don't act soon, the Postal Service could go bankrupt as early as September, which is why we need you to demand Congress take action immediately. Will you join us?

Add your name now to demand Congress fund the Postal Service!

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Thank you for standing up for what's right.



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