Hi John, 
I am thrilled to announce that our campaign has earned the endorsement of the Muslim American civil rights group, Emgage PAC!
Their vision of an inclusive and tolerant America - in which civil rights are upheld, diversity is welcome, and religious freedom is protected - inspires me to continue working to safeguard voting rights, strengthen justice and equality for all Americans, and push back against the hateful Muslim ban.
This honor also serves as a reminder of the responsibility that I hold as your representative. I recognize that when making policy decisions, I must always consider the ways in which they affect different communities within our larger Central Florida community and be open to hearing feedback about ways in which I can improve and be more inclusive.
During my next term, I look forward to working with Emgage to make sure that Muslim Americans have a strong advocate in Congress.
If you would like to reach my campaign, please feel free to send us an email or visit my website for more information. We are always happy to answer questions and listen to suggestions.