From Xavier Becerra <[email protected]>
Subject Our "law and order" president keeps breaking the law
Date July 28, 2020 11:38 PM
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You can't be a "law and order" president if you keep breaking the law. But that's what Donald Trump keeps doing -- so we keep suing him.

Today we filed a new lawsuit against President Trump to block his latest illegal attempt to undermine the 2020 Census by excluding undocumented communities from part of the count.

Can you stand with us in stopping Trump? Chip in $5 today»

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President Trump isn't even pretending to follow the law at this point.

After we blocked his unconstitutional citizenship question at the Supreme Court last year, he won't give up. He's now even telling his supporters that his new move will block, in his own words, "illegal aliens from being counted" altogether:

Official Trump campaign email from July 23: "President Trump signs executive order blocking illegal aliens from being counted in U.S. Census"

This move is patently unconstitutional, illegal, and beyond harmful to our communities. The census will determine trillions of dollars of funding for our schools and hospitals, and shape our representation in Congress and the Electoral College.

Team, as we keep holding Trump's lawless agenda accountable, will you stand with us in the fight?

Let's stop Trump. Contribute $5 today to stand with us»

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Every person has been counted since the very first census in 1790. We're going to keep fighting to make sure that's the case in 2020 and well beyond.


If you haven't filled out the census yet, get to it! Don't pay attention to the President -- everyone counts. Make your voice heard.

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