I’ve sued President Trump over 90 times to stop his cruel attacks on our values and families.
This week alone, I filed 4 new lawsuits to stop Trump’s attempts to weaken key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, undermine the Clean Water Act, gut our nation’s air toxic standards, and restart coal leasing on public lands. And the week isn’t even over. 
The son of immigrants, I grew up knowing the American promise to be true — that if you work hard and play by the rules, you should have a fair chance to get ahead.
That promise couldn’t be any further from Donald Trump’s vision for America. He doesn’t play by the rules and he doesn’t expect his mega-donors and corporate pals to, either. 
That’s why we’ve sued him over 90 times — to stop his deadly giveaways to corporate polluters. To stop his cruel healthcare rollbacks. And to stop his unlawful attacks on our families. 
Donald Trump won’t stop. And neither will we. And right now, we need grassroots supporters like you with us in this fight. If you’re able, can you make a contribution today?
The American promise is still true. But we must fight for it. 


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