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John Bucy III
Rep John Bucy III
Rep. Bucy: Let Texas voters decide whether to expand Medicaid
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Dear John,

Last week, I published an op-ed in the Statesman to reflect on a moment of history. Just weeks ago, Oklahomans went to the polls and voted in favor of Medicaid Expansion, giving nearly 200,000 people access to the healthcare that they deserve.

Unfortunately for Texans, state laws prohibit us from starting a ballot initiative to vote on matters that are important to us. We need authorization from our state leaders. While Governor Abbott has refused to expand Medicaid, over 6.5 million Texans are now uninsured, putting lives at risk during a time where access to healthcare is paramount.

It’s never too late to do the right thing. We can get Medicaid Expansion on the ballot this November and follow in the footsteps of Idaho, Oklahoma, Maine, and Utah, who have set this precedent by letting the people vote.
Sign this petition to urge Governor Abbott to expand Medicaid or hold a special session ASAP so that the Legislature can put expanding Medicaid up for a vote.
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I hope I can count on you.
John Bucy III
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