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Happy Monday!

Time flies by...only 15 weeks (and a day) until Election Day!
And...baseball is finally coming back this week, albeit with empty stadiums and some strange rules.
The normalization of America is a necessary thing, even as we battle a deadly virus.
The media continues its marginalization of the President. Included in this drive is the proliferation of what is known as "suppression polls." The best suggestion is to not believe any poll unless you have thoroughly vetted the poll's "internals," or the methodology of the poll. Polls have been including as few as 24% Republicans in their mix, and as many as 61% Democrats, leading to a heavily misleading result. Additionally, some of the newest vetting processes for Republicans lead to an almost-certain pool of never-Trumpers.
So, as we enter the final months of the campaign, despite the media advantage the other side has, we MUST continue our push back against their insidious agenda!

And locally...


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From Republican Club of Indian River, Inc.
Our next event will be our Post-Labor Day Campaign Season Kickoff 9/11 Event at Vero Beach Heritage Center. Food by 14 Bones. No fee to enter; meals $25; members eat free.

 Joe Saul
Secretary Indian River County REC




Joe Saul
Indian River County Republican Executive Committee



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