BLM, Inc., Reparations and Other Cancel Culture Marxist Plans

The Subversion of American Culture, History, and Government. by Mike Scruggs, a local award winning author.

Maybe we also need to be reminded of The Muslim Brotherhood and Black Lives Matter. This is an article from 2016.

Some Good News, For a Change!

Townhall: "Thankfully, all nine justices agreed that the administration has the authority to roll back the (DACA) program, provided it explains its reasoning. And President Trump has already promised to do so. This time, let's hope his administration dots its I's and crosses its t's. Rescind DACA The Right Way.

Daily Signal: "This week, gadfly New York Times columnist Bari Weiss resigned her position at the so-called newspaper of record. She did so after years of fielding slings and arrows from her own colleagues and editors, who treated her as an ultra-conservative enemy ..." The Great Culture Purge of 2020

IS Wu Flu actually growing or is Anti DeSantis & Trump Driving this?
Bad stuff happens when you don’t have accurate data!
The Federalist: Florida Labs Incorrectly Reported A 100% Positivity Rate For Coronavirus Tests
Gowdy Absolutely Dismantles AOC, Brutally Takes Down Ex-Bartender. What you get with no education! Spoiled rotten rich kid jerk Lots of mouth and nothing else!

So, When Have We Had Enough ...

Stanford Doctor Scott Atlas Says The Science Shows Kids Should Go Back To School
Daily Signal: Reopening Schools Doesn’t Require National Consensus

WSOCTV.COM: He didn't get the memo or read the science! Please elect Dan Forest NC Gov so we can get rid of this socialist. (video and article) Gov. Cooper’s plan for North Carolina public schools this fall

VIP Calls for Voter Fraud Summit in White House Petition: July 14, 2020 (Raleigh) Voter Integrity Project has joined with election integrity organizations in California and Virginia to launch both a formal letter, asking President Trump to host an election integrity summit and a White House petition, calling on President Trump, “to take all lawful executive actions” in order to prevent voter fraud in the November 2020 election.

CATO Institute: Washington Examiner Story Exposes the Jones Act Swamp

These corporations gave to BLM, Inc. Please remember that.

Think twice when you decide to patronize these corporations who are supporting a Marxist group - BLM, Inc.

NC Citizens,

The month of June 2020 has been absolutely devastating for the children of North Carolinians. It is one of the most tragic months that we have encountered since NCFIRE was founded in 2007... 
June 2020 Child Rapes by Illegals
For the month of June, we were able to document 22 illegal aliens who were charged with 238 separate instances of child rape/child sexual assault. 

I honestly don't know what to say....

The only way this horror ends is your responsibility. You MUST contact your elected officials in Raleigh and DEMAND they enact strict, state-level, illegal immigration laws. Until they "feel the heat" and the outrage from their constituents, they will NOT act and this travesty will continue.

To see the latest monthly Child Rape Report, click the link here:

To see the last 7 years of monthly Child Rape Reports, visit our website:

Thanks For Your Support
Constitutionally Conservative Candidates

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