Arms to Renewables graphic says: The Government spends 25 times more researching weapons than green energy.

Tell Labour to put arms to renewables in its Green Recovery proposals

Dear friend,

Thank you so much to everyone who was already able to feed in to the Labour Party policy consultation to push for a move from arms to renewables.

The consultation has been extended until Monday 20th July, so you have just a few days left to add your thoughts.

Help to move arms to renewables up the Party's policy agenda by logging in as a guest (or a member if you are one) and making a submission.

Already made a submission? 'Leave a comment' under the submissions you agree with to give them a boost and show the issue has support. Just search 'arms' in the search box at the top right hand of the consultation webpage to find submissions. 

You can use our guide summarising the issues.

If Labour’s vision is for the UK to rebuild its economy and move investment into jobs that create a safer world for people and planet, it must include a move away from the arms trade.

Tell Labour to take this chance to move from arms to renewables.

Feed into the consultation

Or feed in your thoughts by emailing [email protected]

And please let us know by email if you are able to feed in so we can monitor our impact. 

With thanks as always for your continued support.

Keep safe

Campaign Against Arms Trade

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