From Abbie Smith for Mayor <[email protected]>
Subject What makes a place great? -- Coffee Club Week 25
Date August 26, 2019 10:01 AM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.

Welcome to Week 25 of The Coffee Club!

In this week’s #CoffeeClub <[link removed][0]=68.ARB1B7ePKnxz7KUBYfU4CqA1uDnUhjutTN59ne5H6jHoRncHqwg4luEv4G_dvmnqWaiEz2Csmqp27hzj5YpeMPLI6QY8O48tZjcIhcd1yliWrgjV8JQ-aLnk8qEjDXo4SmyNBs-62-9pSMW4OTVSguG2GMCTD-beXzw4CroIN_7H2soL2ETH4MGsntIdcVtw3tM1lFgestFFJiWY9OIJ4zamjwe7z_xXY2iyMM3oZwQw-wGWRqzZt3PKfbu4tYikW2oEo0yldfC7lNcjiqEh3tcOAvptwRCgtbZ1xw_OcSfD8kYQm-JnSeofevfw6QfjyYA&__tn__=%2ANK-R-R>, I discuss the book “Getting things done” and what changes I think can be made to make #Kokomo <[link removed][0]=68.ARB1B7ePKnxz7KUBYfU4CqA1uDnUhjutTN59ne5H6jHoRncHqwg4luEv4G_dvmnqWaiEz2Csmqp27hzj5YpeMPLI6QY8O48tZjcIhcd1yliWrgjV8JQ-aLnk8qEjDXo4SmyNBs-62-9pSMW4OTVSguG2GMCTD-beXzw4CroIN_7H2soL2ETH4MGsntIdcVtw3tM1lFgestFFJiWY9OIJ4zamjwe7z_xXY2iyMM3oZwQw-wGWRqzZt3PKfbu4tYikW2oEo0yldfC7lNcjiqEh3tcOAvptwRCgtbZ1xw_OcSfD8kYQm-JnSeofevfw6QfjyYA&__tn__=%2ANK-R-R> a place that everyone loves and where everyone wants to live.

Click here to watch this week's Coffee Club video. <[link removed]>


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