From George Buck <[email protected]>
Subject I don't care about political correctness
Date July 13, 2020 2:25 PM
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'She shouldn't have lost her life. She's got a 3-year-old son she loved dearly, It's hard to tell him his mom is in heaven and if you want to talk to her you have to look up and say, 'I love you mom.''

Hi John,

I’m George Buck. I’m a former member of the 101st Airborne Division, President of the 101st Airborne Association (FL), an Army veteran, a retired firefighter injured in the line of duty, a counterterrorism and bioterrorism expert…. And I am a fighter who will beat Democrat Charlie Crist in 2020 so Nancy Pelosi can be retired!

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When I was a fireman, we jumped into any fire and did anything we could to save every person we could. You know why? Because ALL LIVES MATTER!

If all lives didn't matter, we wouldn't have to risk our lives saving everyone. We could take days off, decide something was just too risky because, after all, not everyone really mattered, right?

Thank God that wasn't the case. Thank God everyone's life DOES matter. Thank God we tried to save every single one- even the drunk, where my saving him injured me.

Sadly, it is now clear that the intolerant Left- now in the form of BLM and Antifa- are willing to attack and kill anyone who believes, as I do, that each life matters equally and is precious before God:

A young Indiana mother was shot dead in front of her fiancé after she reportedly told a group of Black Lives Matter supporters 'all lives matter' over Fourth of July weekend.

Jessica Doty Whitaker, 24, was taking a stroll with her fiancé, Jose Ramirez, and two others near the Indianapolis Canal Walk around 3am on July 5.

During the argument, the offended individuals reportedly shouted 'Black Lives Matter', to which either Whitaker or someone else responded 'All Lives Matter.'

Robert Doty, the victim's father, confirmed with the Daily Wire that his daughter said 'all lives matter' during the exchange.

Ramirez said both groups brandished guns at each other, but eventually talked through the issues, fist bumped and walked away from each other.

'It was squashed and they went up the hill and left we thought, but they were sitting on St. Clair waiting for us to come under the bridge and that's when she got shot,' said Ramirez.

These Black Lives Matter people actually hated this woman SO much for simply loving all life, that they waited to ambush her and shoot her in cold blood.

THIS is the real reason why it MUST be "All lives matter". Because if we value some life above others, then it becomes ok to kill or harm people who are NOT favored.

This soldier and fireman knows that every life God creates is precious. I also know that for any of these people who think otherwise and want to attack me for my beliefs, I will be armed to the teeth and ready to defend myself!

Our opponents are not decent and gentle people. They are not tolerant of debate or opposition. They know only death and destruction, and the liberal mayors have allowed them to visit too much of that on us for weeks now.

It's time to fight back!


Career Democrat politicians got us into this crisis. They are the ones who refuse to protect the innocent citizens being butchered by rioters.

Instead of protecting our people, they are defunding the police, disbanding them in some places! They want these savage rioters to destroy even MORE lives!

They hate our country and want to sacrifice it on the altar of Socialism. They will "cancel" your freedoms because you don't matter to them!

That's not the country I fought for, and we need to stand up and fight them now so that these radicals don't take our freedoms away next year!


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I love my country! America is the "Shining City on a Hill", and right now she needs patriots like you and me to defend her. I always have before, and I always will!

I will hold the Stalinist career politicians like AOC and Charlie Crist to account. I will stand up for our country! Will you rush back $35, $60, $100, $250, or more right now so that I can get to Congress and help President Trump defend our people and our police?

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President Trump needs help, the Dems are attacking him from all sides right now. They have no shame; that’s why I’m asking for your help.

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Turncoat Charlie Crist became a Democrat because he's just like these Antifa radicals. He agrees with them! That's why I must replace him!

As I always say, I like to kick ass and chew gum. And I am all out of gum.

Will you contribute $25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 or more to help me flip this swing seat from Blue to Red?

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I will have the resources to send Charlie Crist and his Antifa buddies backing- but only with your help!

That's why I need your help so urgently. They are picking off the free people of our country a few at a time. We need to come together now and confront them as one! Join me and we will!

Beat Charlie Crist, beat Pelosi. I can do it - but I need YOUR help urgently!

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For God and Country,


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Dr. George Buck, Jr.

101st Airborne Division

Republican Candidate for Congress, FL-13


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P.S. Every donation matters. Even $15, $35, or $60 or more will go a long way. But I must get it before the end of the month.

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Thank you and God bless. - George

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