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Subject 7/13/20
Date July 13, 2020 2:13 PM
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Dear John,
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Good Morning, Indian River County!
Joe Biden has published a 110-page economic platform, incorporating many ideas from
his Socialist friend, Bernie Sanders. One example is diminished shareholder rights,
which is a fancy way of saying that the owners of the company do not control the
company - those decisions are to be made by government and its designees. Biden
has also incorporated a nationalist aspect to his socialist platform, stating that
America's middle class must come first. Now, when have we last seen socialism and
nationalism mixed together as a political theory?
The National Socialist German Workers Party, better known as the Nazi Party, leaps
to mind. Brought together by a young firebrand orator, Adolf Hitler, the Nazis swept
through Germany with their own brand of socialist economics capped off by extreme
nationalism. As a minority party in 1928 and 1930, their economics were more important
to them than their nationalism, and they caucused with the other left wing Communist
and Socialist parties in the parliamentary system of the Reichstag, eschewing the
right wing Nationalist parties, and thereby showed the true nature of their philosophy.
They broke with the Communists over the concept that the coming Marxist utopia would
be Russo-centric and headquartered in Moscow; Nazi nationalism could not allow that
point (this break with Russia is often mischaracterized as anti-Marxism or anti-communism).
It is true that Hitler never nationalized Germany's industries. He felt that he
controlled the industrialists, and thereby controlled the industries, and would
leave nationalization of industry to the next generation of leaders in his 1,000
year Reich.
The Nazis are remembered for sending Brownshirts to riot in the streets. Today,
Black Lives Matter and Antifa (note the irony of a group named "anti-fascists" supporting
a national socialist movement) fill that role for the new national socialist movement
that has put its political support behind Joe Biden. Speech and contrary thought
are suppressed, the public is forcibly disarmed, and as our rights erode, the inevitability
of the coming stampede of groupthinking national socialists becomes overwhelming.
We are the last xxxxxx of the American Republic.
And locally...
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From Republican Women of Indian River:
Attached is the Newsletter for July. Thank you, Roni Fuster, for another excellent
The RWIR Board met to determine when we may have a meeting. We cannot go to Grand
Harbor because they are not open. We are in touch with Bent Pine to hold a meeting
there. Because of the increase in cases, we decided not to have a July meeting but
are going to try very hard to have an August meeting. Will keep you posted.
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From Republican Club of Indian River, Inc.:
Our next event will be our Post-Labor Day Campaign Season Kickoff 9/11 Event at
Vero Beach Heritage Center. Food by 14 Bones. No fee to enter; meals $25; members
eat free.
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Joe Saul
Secretary Indian River County REC [[link removed]]


Joe Saul
Indian River County Republican Executive Committee

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