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Subject What kind of world do YOU want John?
Date July 10, 2020 3:52 PM
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What kind of world do YOU want John?

Help make this year a turning point...
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Use your voice
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Dear John,

Have you had enough of injustice and inequality?

Would you prefer a world where police use their power to protect our rights; never to violate them?

Do you feel the events of 2020 should be a wake-up call for humanity to do better? If so, join Amnesty International UK today.
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Become a member now
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This new decade is not panning out as any of us had hoped. But one positive is emerging: more and more people are seeing the need for grand-scale change.

People are using their voices to demand a fairer, safer world. A world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, whatever their race, gender or sexual orientation.

And momentum is building.

John, your voice is powerful. And it’s even more powerful when it’s combined with the voices of seven million Amnesty International members around the world.

Will you be part of the change you want to see by joining Amnesty International UK?
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Yes I want to use my voice!
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At Amnesty International, we don’t just accept that bad things happen. We expose the ugly truths. We mobilise people all over the world to demand better. We challenge governments, change laws and transform lives.

Ordinary people have achieved extraordinary results by raising their voices together.

Looking at the world today, it’s clear we’ve still got our work cut out. But with more members, we can make more noise, be more powerful and make sure humanity takes a better path.

Count me in - I'll join now
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2020 is showing us who we can be. Every show of solidarity matters. Every act of kindness matters. Every single voice matters. Will you use yours today?
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Yours in hope,

Felix Jakens
Head of Campaigns
Amnesty International UK

PS If you’re a student, retired, not earning or only earning a little,join as a concessionary member.
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We are ordinary people from across the world standing up for humanity and human rights.

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