Take action for social, economic, and racial justice in California

Friend --

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, American billionaires have become half a TRILLION dollars richer - and California billionaires alone made up for nearly half of it.

Meanwhile, thousands of us have taken to the streets to demand racial justice and investment into our communities, nearly one in six California workers is out of a job, and thousands of us who were forced to choose food over rent are now at risk of eviction as soon as the courts reopen.

California has the resources to finance a Just Recovery to this pandemic. 

We CAN afford to #CancelRent

We CAN afford to shelter the homeless.

We CAN afford to provide sustainable incomes to everyone that needs it.

We CAN afford to provide the safe, dignified and quality labor, healthcare and education our communities need and deserve.

We CAN afford to resource and invest in Black and Brown communities and create the racial justice we are calling for.

We don’t need to wait on a federal stimulus to care for Californians. We need to tax the uber rich who have far too much and invest that money into communities that have been under-resourced for generations. Contact California leadership Governor Newsom, Senator Atkins, Assemblymember Rendon to urge them to divest the rich to pay for a Just Recovery for All!

We don’t need to just survive this pandemic by further cutting away from the services we all rely on to get by - we can recover from this pandemic stronger, healthier, and more just. We can begin to heal the structural racism in our housing, healthcare, and education systems by investing in Black and Brown communities and ensuring every person has the support they need to thrive.

Take two minutes to email the Governor and the heads of the Senate and Assembly to urge them to tax the billionaires to finance a just recovery to this pandemic! 

Now is the time for bold and courageous leadership to tackle racism, invest in our communities, and resource a just recovery for all to this pandemic.

Now is the time to divest the rich and invest in us.

Urge California leadership to make the rich pay for a just recovery!

In solidarity,

Kristin Lopez, ACCE Sacramento Member

ACCE Action

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