350Brooklyn is speaking to this moment with the topic of our July meeting: "The Intersection of Climate Justice, Activism, and White Supremacy."

Occupy City Hall protesters in Manhattan. Photo: New York Daily News/TNS

There Is No Climate Justice Without Racial Justice

Protest actions in support of racial justice and the Movement for Black Lives have taken place in more than 550 towns and cities across the nation and engaged up to 26 million people, making it the largest movement in American history. In NYC the street action is non-stop, (check Instagram’s @justiceforgeorgenyc) where one can join daily actions that have been growing from the occupation of City Hall and anti-July 4th rallies. There has also been a fertile explosion of ideas all over the media bringing important writers, scholars and historians to forefront (one of the many outstanding articles you don’t want to miss); and a renewed call to address the racial wealth divide, by supporting Black Owned Businesses, Black Restaurants, Read Black Authors and purchase from Online Black Bookstores.

350Brooklyn is speaking to this moment with the topic of our July meeting: “The Intersection of Climate Justice, Activism, and White Supremacy.” An insightful panel of four local organizers, moderated by 350Brooklyn member Georgi Page, will offer their thoughts on the intersection of climate justice, activism, and white supremacy. A Q&A session will follow. You won’t want to miss this meeting on Thursday, July 9th at 7:30pm.

Register here and get your Zoom link.

Dominique Thomas is the mid-Atlantic regional organizer for 350.org and a leader in its efforts to deepen anti-racism into the climate movement

Mark Winston Griffith is the Executive Director of the Brooklyn Movement Center, a Black-led organization of primarily low-to-moderate income residents of Central Brooklyn that works to nurture local leadership as they wage campaigns and win concrete improvements in people’s lives.

Karen Blondel is a community organizer who works to amplify the voices of public housing residents through her work with the Fifth Avenue Committee, Turning the Tide, and the Gowanus Neighborhood Coalition for Justice.

Sarita Daftary-Steel is a Senior Community Organizer with Just Leadership USA, which empowers those most affected by mass incarceration to reform our criminal justice system.

Climate Wednesdays Is Back Starting July 22 at 7:00pm

Our summer series, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Public Library. All events will take place from 7:00–8:30 pm on Zoom. Register Here.

Next Event

“Where to Next? Fossil-Free Transportation in a Pandemic and Beyond”

Wednesday, July 22 at 7:00 pm

“Where to Next? Fossil-Free Transportation in a Pandemic and Beyond” kicks off the return of our series focused on Solutions for a Cooler Brooklyn. Transportation is the #2 source of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City. How can we get our troubled public transit system back on track and headed where we need to go in a climate-friendly way?

“Where to Next?” features a discussion with Vanessa Barrios of the Regional Plan Association, Dulcie Canton of Transportation Alternatives, Allison Considine of the Sierra Club, and Renae Reynolds of the NYC-Environmental Justice Alliance, led by journalist Emily Nonko. For more information, visit the 350Brooklyn website. Register Here.

Upcoming Events

Also, save the date for the next two sessions:

8/26 “Natural Allies: Working with Nature to Combat Climate Change”
9/16 “Green Collar Jobs: Making a Living, Forging a Better World”

Photo: The Story of Plastic

Plastic Free July is a Global Challenge — Get Involved!

It’s important to know that 99% of plastic comes from fossil fuels, making its production one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis, and it takes centuries to break down. Around the world, people are joining the challenge to give up from one to all plastic in their lives. Learn more here.

By signing up to be a part of the 350Brooklyn Plastic Free July Challenge, we’ll send you tips and actions you can take each week to help you be plastic free and hold manufacturers responsible for the waste they create. Check out the FB group for the challenge where you can share resources, recipes, tips and even your frustrations with going plastic free! The combination of collective inspiration and friendly competition makes change a little easier — and a lot more fun! Sign up here.

Teach in: How White Supremacy Built Wall Street

The Stop the Money Pipeline National Coalition is offering this webinar on Thursday, July 9th at 4:00 pm. Register here.

The racial wealth divide is where the past shows up in the present. The glaring gap in wealth reflects the multigenerational history of white supremacy in the United States and the systematic denial of wealth-building opportunities. Join this webinar to learn how White Supremacy built Wall St and what needs to be done to make this change.

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