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Happy 244th Birthday, America!
And, less than 4 months to Election Day 2020!

Rioters -- anarchists and socialists -- have taken over many of our urban streets. Among rioters, respect for the thoughts and ideas of others has been discarded in favor of groupthink. And trouble is spreading this way, slowly but surely, as the small but significant percentage of disaffected Americans grow emboldened by the Big City Democrat appeasers. Ghosts of Neville Chamberlain, or Useful Idiots -- for each of us to decide! Police departments are being defunded, and inner city residents in high crime areas are crying foul, to no avail. As the police are defunded, early retirements are occurring in record numbers. And crime is increasing at record rates. Americans are not insensitive to their surroundings. Their response is the Natural Right (for the Constitutional scholars among us) of self-defense, and many are arming themselves. It goes without saying that the Founders would approve of the logic of the citizenry; they bore arms against foreign oppression, and guaranteed following generations of Americans the right of a defense against all oppression, whether foreign or domestic. Many learned women and men are today questioning whether we have already seen the first shots fired in the second American Civil War. Who ever thought we would hear these words uttered in our lifetime? May the ship of state be righted, and peace be restored!

And locally...
A message from REC Chair Jay Kramer:

Our great Country is now 244 years old. The American Experiment is one of the greatest successes in world history, a success built upon individual freedoms, self-determination and respect for others. The founding of the United States was caused by the twin desires for self-government and ridding ourselves of tyrannical rule of an arrogant upper class that believed people were merely subjects to be ruled. We have proved to ourselves and to the world that a free people can not only be the most productive people, but also take a stand against foreign aggression while promoting freedom throughout the World. Even King George III of England, prior to his descent into madness, acknowledged the greatness of the American Experiment and in particular of George Washington for declining a Royal Crown and instead peacefully passing the reins of power to a successor democratically chosen according to the Constitution of the new Republic. This past June I believe we saw that American spirit start to rise up in response to more and more protests and suppression of our free speech. Americans are arming themselves more and more, in accord with the spirit of the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense and protection. In June alone there were approximately 3.9 million background checks for gun ownership, more than any other month in history. Approximately 2.2 million of those background checks represent first-time gun owners, undoubtedly at least partly in response to the unrest in the streets caused by thousands of anarchists and the far left. The Silent Majority of a traditionally center-right nation is speaking, and loudly, by its actions. The public is showing a sense of urgency for self-protection and self-preservation. Your REC is responding to this desire by the public and will for the month of July present a concealed carry permit class.

Who: Republican REC -- Sponsor
What: Concealed Carry Class
When: June 15th, 6PM
Where: Elks Club -- Vero Beach
Cost: $45
Other: Contact Indian River County Shooting Range or other local Range for Firing Time
Contact: REC Headquarters (772)-492-8394 for more information

NOTE: As space is limited due to COVID-19 considerations, priority will be given to REC members wishing to attend this class. Therefore, register early!!

 Joe Saul
Secretary Indian River County REC




Joe Saul
Indian River County Republican Executive Committee



Indian River County Republican Executive Committee, 2001 9th Ave., Ste. 107, Vero Beach, FL 32960
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