From Becky, NCGV <[email protected]>
Subject Help Sustain Gov. Cooper’s Veto of H652, the Second Amendment Protection Act
Date July 3, 2020 8:22 AM
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John -- 

Great news! Yesterday, Gov. Cooper vetoed H652, the Second Amendment Protection Act <[link removed]>, saying  “the bill allows guns on school property which threatens the safety of students and teachers.” We couldn’t agree more.

To protect children, current state law prohibits concealed firearms at places of worship that have an associated school. North Carolinians Against Gun Violence believes that this remains sound public policy. Removing this protection would put school children at increased risk, even if firearms are still banned on the school part of the property.

H652 passed the NC House 77-38 and the NC Senate 33-14. See who voted for the bill in the House here <[link removed]>and in the Senate here. <[link removed]>

Please call and email your representative and senator and tell them to sustain the Governor’s veto. You can find out who represents you here. <[link removed]>

The message is simple:  Please vote to sustain Governor Cooper’s veto of H652, the Second Amendment Protection Act. I am very concerned for the safety of school children, teachers and for people in emergency situations. In addition, we need to strengthen, not weaken, our concealed carry weapons permitting system. 

Along with allowing guns at religious places of worship with schools associated with them, H652 will further damage our state’s firearm safety laws by:

- weakening NC’s concealed carry weapons permitting system by making it easier to renew a permit without a firearms safety and training course. Given that permits last five years, we need to strengthen our permitting system, not weaken it.

- allowing on-duty emergency medical services personnel working with law enforcement to carry concealed if they meet certain criteria. We simply do not need more people with even less training than law enforcement carrying deadly weapons in emergency situations. 

These changes undermine the link between gun safety training and permitting, and seek to add even more firearms to emergency situations.

The CDC reports that in 2018, over 1,400 people were killed with firearms in North Carolina. We need better gun laws to protect all North Carolinians from gun violence.

H652 goes in the wrong direction by prioritizing easier firearms access over family safety. Please contact your Senator and Representative today to ask them to sustain Governor Cooper’s veto of H652.

Together, we can stop this dangerous bill.



North Carolinians Against Gun Violence - PO Box 51565, Durham, NC 27717, United States

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