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Tucker Carlson is under fire from the uber-leftist Antifa and Black Lives Matter mob...

...he's daring to call a spade a spade for their hypocrisy in demanding civil rights while shutting down our First Amendment right to free speech. 

So naturally they're trying to force him off the air for speaking the truth!

They're pressuring his advertising to cave into the PC madness... 

And they're winning!


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Tucker is one of the few beacons telling the truth about the radical Left for their mob tactics...

...and they HATE him for it!

Everything is getting bent and twisted by the liberal MSMs propaganda machine in order to stop patriots like Tucker Carlson from preaching liberty in the midst of their despotic domestic terrorism. 

Tucker just called them out on his show this week: 

"People will attack you if you dare to tell the truth. They'll denounce you. They'll target your family. They'll try to turn your friends against you and deny you the ability to earn a living. In the face of that -- and we've said this repeatedly because it's true, nothing is truer -- you cannot give in. Even if you do what the mob tells you to do, you will not be spared. The people on Twitter are predators. Predators are incited by weakness. They exploit it. The only solution in the face of something like this is to tell the truth unapologetically."

The Left cannot stand having the curtain pulled back by Tucker, so they're aiming their guns at him to take him out.

And if let them win, he and ALL conservative voices will be gone forever.

Seriously, I need you to join our fellow patriots RIGHT NOW in blasting Fox News execs! 

We cannot allow them to give in to mob "justice" and shred the Constitution.

Are you with us? Will you help us blast Fox News execs right now?

Steve Eichler,
CEO, Tea Party Super PAC


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