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August 23rd 2019
Dear Friends and Supporters
The last 2 weeks have seen Prime Minister Boris Johnson further cement himself and his team into Number 10 Downing Street. Michael Gove, the new Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, has held his first No Deal ‘War Cabinet Office’ meetings and Boris’s chief strategist Dominic Cummings has placed the Conservatives on permanent General Election footing in case there is a Vote of No Confidence called by Labour. This strategy is already bearing fruit, with the Conservatives ranging from 9 points clear in the polls all the way up to 14 points. This would give the Conservatives a possible majority of over 190 after a General Election.
Clearly, this is giving the Labour Leadership food for thought!
While Boris has been getting down to serious work as our Prime Minister – and trying to fight for a real Brexit – the Remainiac infighting has continued apace. Sir Ken Clarke and Harriet Harman have been mooted as potential leaders of a ‘Government of National Unity’ – a suggestion which could never happen, except in the wildest dreams of the most hard-line Remainers! Meanwhile, such a suggestion has already been dismissed out of hand by the Labour Leadership, who have refused to back any alternative Government which is not led by Jeremy Corbyn. This smacks of underhand plotting for Corbyn to move into No 10 by the back door, and our never being able to get rid of him! 
Meanwhile, Boris Johnson begins to look more and more secure in his position, especially after his meetings in Berlin with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel on Wednesday, and then with President Macron yesterday in Paris. Presumably Boris wants to get these meetings sorted out, so he can focus on other major countries, such as the USA, Japan and China regarding post-Brexit opportunities for a more Global Britain.
At the beginning of this week, Boris Johnson released a letter he had written to Donald Tusk, the European President, explaining the issues the United Kingdom has with the Irish Backstop, as well as Mr Johnson’s own ambition to reach an agreement with the EU before October 31st. In his letter to Tusk, it is clear Boris laid out what he wants for the UK out of Brexit, and what the EU can do to allow progress on negotiations - placing the ball firmly in the EU’s court.  You can read the letter here.
Unsurprisingly Donald Tusk’s immediate reaction was to reject all of Boris’s points, stating no compromise is possible. But low and behold, a formal meeting is now in the diary, during the G7 Summit in Biarritz on Sunday!
Finally, at last we have a Prime Minister in Boris Johnson who is not just looking at Brexit, but the possibilities beyond October 31st.
Meanwhile, the Remainiac self-obsessed MPs Sir Oliver Letwin and Guto Bebb are declaring they will not stand at the next General Election. Hooray! (By the way, they are unfortunately still free to act as they wish - against the wishes of their constituents!) It’s a disgrace. They are clearly cowards, as they are planning to undermine the new Prime Minister as much as possible, while avoiding the consequences of their actions by running away from the people they are meant to represent. These MPs MUST do the honourable thing and RESIGN as MPs IMMEDIATELY, allowing for by-elections to give their constituents the chance to vote for a new MP who actually listens to their views.
In response to this, Get Britain Out has created a template letter for you - our supporters - to send to the Chairman of these MPs Conservative Associations. These MPs must resign now and there must be by-elections so voters can have an MP who truly represents their views. To write to Sir Oliver Letwin’s Association Chairman please click here and to write to Guto Bebb’s Association Chairman please click here.
In a concerted effort to make it clear the United Kingdom will be Leaving the EU on October 31st, the Prime Minister has made the decision to withdraw UK officials from non-critical EU meetings from September 1st – in just over a week’s time. This is a huge step forward, and follows on from Boris signing an order which will legally end the supremacy of EU Law over the UK on October 31st.
We are FINALLY moving closer to being OUT!
News has now emerged of Merkel and Macron both showing signs they may be willing to compromise on opening up the Withdrawal Agreement and some parts of the Irish Backstop, if a solution can be found in the next 30 days. The UK clearly still has a lot of work to do on their suggested Alternative Arrangements – some of which have so far been put forward by Greg Hands and Nicky Morgan. Their full analysis of Alternative Arrangements is available here. Following his meetings with Macron and Merkel, Boris has ordered the Brexit Secretary, Stephen Barclay, to put his department into overdrive to find a solution to the Backstop – as soon as possible.
However, the Irish Backstop is not the only part of the Withdrawal Agreement which will need to be changed. Next week we will be writing to Boris and his ‘War Cabinet’ to remind him of the other major parts of the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration which also need to be urgently changed.
Get Britain Out has been trying to get this point through to politicians in Parliament ever since the 500+ page Withdrawal Agreement was revealed. Boris Johnson resigned from Theresa May’s Government over this, and he must not forget it…. The United Kingdom must not give away our hard-won freedoms by signing up to a Withdrawal Agreement which gives the European Court of Justice jurisdiction in our country or sacrifices our national security by compromising our position within the 5 EYES intelligence alliance. 
Just in case this is not clear, we have made a useful graphic to remind all politicians and Remainers just how bad the Withdrawal Agreement is, and we would love you to share this for us on your own social media.   

If you want to print off this graphic to use as a leaflet or save it to your device, download the PDF here.
  • “EU migration to UK 'underestimated' by ONS” – The Office for National Statistics (ONS) apologises for underestimating the number of EU migrants coming into the UK between 2009 and 2016 by over 240,000 people - BBC
  • “Angela Merkel tells Boris Johnson a Brexit deal to ditch the backstop CAN be done 'in the next 30 days' but warns Germany is prepared for No Deal in face-to-face meeting in Berlin” – Merkel makes it clear the Withdrawal Agreement could be opened back up to find a Backstop replacement. – The Daily Mail
  • “Get on with Brexit, says Stuart Rose, former chairman of Remain campaign” – Even the ex-chief of the Remain campaign has come out in favour of Brexit and against the Second Referendum campaign. – The Daily Telegraph
  • “UK economy £26 billion bigger than previously calculated” – The ONS has implemented new measurement techniques which have shown the UK Economy is actually £26 Billion larger than originally thought. – Guido Fawkes
  • “What did Boris say in letter to Donald Tusk?” – Boris Johnson pens a scathing letter to Donald Tusk the European Council President.  –  The Daily Express
  • “Boris Johnson goes in to bat for George Osborne's IMF dream at G7 summit” – Worst of all decisions for Boris to make, shouldn’t be rewarding Osborne for his ‘Project Fear’ mongering – The Daily Telegraph
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